Thursday, June 01, 2006

Taku again !

At 3 months, Taku now weighs about 9 kg. One and half months ago, he was only 2.5 kg. Well he takes Eukanuba, and three varieties of dog snacks with good amount of vitamins and sometimes apples.
He has taken three jabs of vaccination. Healthy dog. The doctor advised to let him have the fourth and the final one. After that he will start to take pills monthly to prevent heart worms.
He likes to chew. Rugs, newspaper, clothes and wires !! He chewed some of my photo albums. I became so mad and gave the poor puppy a hard beating. When I am at work, he will be in the cage for the day.
Do I have time to play with the puppy ? Only night time after work. And during the weekends. Now I hardly have time to blog. Work most of the time. Dog the rest of my time. He is good with the balls. Golden retriever eh !
Taku doesn't sleep too much unless something is wrong with him. Sick probably. Hyperactive !

This dog is costly. Keeping him is also costly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, Taku is so so adorable! do keep us update with his pictures. JS

Sweepy said...

Hey Patrick! It's been a while. The puppy is so cute, take good care of it :P

So I'm currently in Kyoto after spending 10 days in Tokyo. I would appreciate any advice you have for me :)

(my blog has been down for a while)

Eddie said...

lovely dog
How much do you have to spend for the dog every month?

But I pity the dog- get beaten frequently by his master who doesnt understand the nature of a dog !

pity pity

Acrix said...

Waoh he sure grows quite fast :P Wat vaccination taku is taking? When u mentioned balls my mind strayed to other things...haha~

Primrose said...

My poodle took 3 vaccination jabs, also takes mthly de-worming tabs and feeds on Eukanuba. I also only play with it after work and on weekends. And I do agree that it's indeed expensive especially grooming every 2 mths, treats and doctor's visits.

zbjernak said...

taku like a kid...

sometime i think dog does have better life than the human/owner!

cute fellow...and love the name taku...

ling said...

Cute adorable dog!

what does taku mean?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they love to retrieve balls! And they love to swim! And they are easy to train. Taku is still a puppy, give him time. But be careful, my aunt's golden retriever was stolen.

Patrick Leong said...

js : sure. i will write about taku again especially when i bring him outdoor.

sweepy : hi hi. it has been awhile since i last chat with you in msn. are you still in kyoto ? did you check my previous postings on travel in japan ? you can write to eddie (another blogger). he lives in kyoto. my good friend. he may be able to help you.

eddie : please help sweepy. she is really nice cute girl. i am now spending about rm200 every month for the dog.

acrix : the name of the vaccination ? dunno leh. just sent him to the doctor.

primrose : next time we can have dog's outing. you bring your poodle. i bring my golden.

zbjernak : you are definitely right !!! the owner is exhausted !

flaminarse : taku means ? actually his name is takumi ryu. ryu means dragon also my family name. so he is part of the family. takumi means skillful. taku is his nick name. i call him ah tuck and he goes blank.

ai ling : i am planning to put the chip in later. so far my dog stays indoor most of the time. ah tuck is quite chicken. no doubt he likes to play with water. toilet water !!! i doubt he dares to jump into deep waters.

shin said...

i heard JB people eat dog!!!in baku kut teh style

Amanda Brightwell said...

hand me the puppy and nobody gets hurts