Monday, July 31, 2006

Cheers and Jeers for Chocolate

Chocolate contains antioxidants. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which means that, as part of a balanced, varied diet, it can contribute to good health. It's important to note that dark chocolate contains around four times more antioxidants than milk chocolate.
Chocolate may make you live longer. A recent study of 7,800 male Harvard graduates found that the chocolate eaters lived nearly a year longer than those who abstained! Only one year ?!? Chocolate doesn't give you pimples.
Chocolate is high in fat (30 - 50% in the recipe) and chocolate makes me fat. I have gained a miserable 8 kg since back from Japan (sob sob). Chocolates not only contain saturated fats but some contain high trans fat.
Chocolate won't help your love life. I guess you know what I meant. Researchers haven't been able to identify anything in chocolate that arouses romantic intentions (emotional arousals).
Chocolate - headache or health ? Tell me.
Storage Tank
Picture 1 : Marzipan center coated with milk chocolate.
Picture 2 : Sea-shell with hazelnut praline centre.
Picture 3 : Cream chocolate praline.
Picture 4 : Muesli bar coated with milk chocolate.
Here comes Patrick and the Chocolate Factory !!! :P