Saturday, August 19, 2006

Coffee Trap

I have been working already the past 8 months and have not blogged often enough. I used to blog like twice a week and to check my blog daily. I recalled my friend once teased suspecting me of having bloggerititus maniac virus. It was funny .. then I was really a blog maniac. These days my post are getting a little boring I know. I write alot about my dog. I made him posed for pictures. I took picture of my friend's feet for an article on polydactyly after some hard persuasion. Hardly have time to do sightseeing. I am not updated with any festivals. I probably should do an intro on mooncake in my next post. Yeah .. I think I should.

But before that, last few days, we had a great time at Coffee Trap. Dr Maurizio, our general manager threw a party and it was a fun night. Some pictures of my colleagues as shown below.
Left to right : Vivian, Dr Maurizio, Gowrie. The technical trio. Gowrie is no longer with us. She left perhaps two years back, now working for Wilmar - our competitor.
Two pretty mamas - Petrina and Elizabeth.
From left to right : Pink, Vincent and Hui Ying.
Active guys - Steven, Samuel, Lucas and Tan.
Hui Ying will be leaving us next week. Better job offer, better job opportunities I guess.
One of our clients and Elvin.
Pink and my boss, Doreen.
Petrina popular among guys.
Bee Yan - was she drunk ? She was on sick leave the past two days. Overdrinking ?
Here comes the cakes .... some nice speeches and singing as well.
Dr Maurizio giving his speech - also included a farewell speech. Yup, he is leaving as well.
Dr Maurizio performing one of his favorite numbers.
Other performances. They sang "Chan Tik Ngoi Lei" ... unbelievable.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Polydactyly, or polydactylism, also known as hyperdactyly, is the anatomical variant consisting of more than the usual number of digits on the hands and/or feet. It is a congenital abnormality, usually genetically inherited.
If recommended, the surgery is usually done while the child is about 1 year of age. Historically, polydactyly has in some areas been considered an indication of witchcraft.

Exercise and Exercise Too Much

It was a busy weekend. But ...
Taku : Wooofff ! woofff ! What a boring weekend ?
Patrick : Issit ? But I am busy wor ... reading my book.
Taku : Boring la ... you are always busy with YOUR work ... woofff !
Patrick : OKla .. OKla .. what you suggest ?
Taku : I suggest ? Hmmmm .....
Patrick : Yea ... yea ...
Taku : Take me for a walk. Woofff ! Take me for a walk. Woofff !
Patrick : OK. Good to do some exercise. You are getting fat.
Taku : You too ! So when ?
Patrick : Later in the afternoon. You go sleep first.
Taku : Cheh ! I knew it.
Patrick : But it is noon la now. Hot la.
Taku eagerly waited for his evening outing.
Taku : Arrrrrrwwwww ... so tired. You made me walked two hours. Too much ... too much. You made me either sleep too much, eat too much or exercise too much. Too extreme. Woooooof ... puufff
Taku : Ouch ... my muscle cramped ... help.
Taku was so tired and he just laid down on hard concrete floor the whole night.
And slowly falling into sleep. I could happily go out with friends and leaving him alone in my room.
After dinner, after I was back home, he was still sleeping. Weak dog. Need more exercise but maybe not too much.