Monday, July 31, 2006

Cheers and Jeers for Chocolate

Chocolate contains antioxidants. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which means that, as part of a balanced, varied diet, it can contribute to good health. It's important to note that dark chocolate contains around four times more antioxidants than milk chocolate.
Chocolate may make you live longer. A recent study of 7,800 male Harvard graduates found that the chocolate eaters lived nearly a year longer than those who abstained! Only one year ?!? Chocolate doesn't give you pimples.
Chocolate is high in fat (30 - 50% in the recipe) and chocolate makes me fat. I have gained a miserable 8 kg since back from Japan (sob sob). Chocolates not only contain saturated fats but some contain high trans fat.
Chocolate won't help your love life. I guess you know what I meant. Researchers haven't been able to identify anything in chocolate that arouses romantic intentions (emotional arousals).
Chocolate - headache or health ? Tell me.
Storage Tank
Picture 1 : Marzipan center coated with milk chocolate.
Picture 2 : Sea-shell with hazelnut praline centre.
Picture 3 : Cream chocolate praline.
Picture 4 : Muesli bar coated with milk chocolate.
Here comes Patrick and the Chocolate Factory !!! :P


Lee Ai Ling said...

Oh wow...chocolates! Sinfully delicious!

Acrix said...

I Love dark chocolate rather than white or milk chocolate which is too sweet for me :p Ur now working in a chocolate factory?

Primrose said...

I get hyper on chocolate. :) But if I crave for any, I'd take kit kat or hazelnut choc. :)

Eddie said...

hey there...
I heard your chocolate formulation contains cancerous additive..
hahha true ah?

you only visit my blog when you are posting new post uh..

Eddie said...

not headache
toothache lar...

next post... the 80kg new Patrick

Anonymous said...

Patrick, what are you up to at the moment? How are you doing? I always have this love and hate relationships with Chocolates. By the ay, you should try out REESE'S peanut butter cups at

Lene said...

Yummy!!! I simply love Toblerone milk chocolate and Snickers! Sadly though, they make me sneeze! Allergic attacks that is! I thought you've met Charlie in the chocolate factory! :P You take care too! =)

charlene said...

Chocolate does cause hadaches in some people, but if you're avoiding it just because of the caffeine, you may want to give it another try. Methinks Chocolate caused headache more than health.

Headache diagnosis and the concomitant use of additional vasoactive amine-containing foods were also not associated with chocolate acting as a headache trigger. it's true that chocolate is a trigger for some people. Many people who think they should avoid chocolate may not have to. Others will simply have to avoid it no matter what. But for some, the chocolate and headache may be that chocolate gets rid of the headache once it starts.

Seem you are now working in the chocolate lab? The question is can milk chocolate or white chocolate even be called chocolate? and why is chocolate tends to be very little cocoa bean left by the time it gets to milk chocolate and is cocao (or cacao), so some bars are only a little more than that? If there'ins why White chocolate either contains no cacao at all, or only cacao butter? Not all the sugar, milk, vanilla, artificial flavours and oils. Is Chocolate is a good source of folic acid, copper, and magnesium? Is Magnesium beneficial for migraineurs? Is that true some parts of cocoa may lower cholesterol, but other parts raise it? So chocolate isn't quite as good as olive oil yet right?

Is Chocolate may also cause heartburn in some people? I think it would.

Patrick Leong said...

lee ai ling : i have learnt quite abit on chocolate making. eddie tasted once the chocolate i made.

acrix : i am now working in palm oil factory. we manufacture specialty oils and fats for various food application.

primrose : i love hazelnut-type chocolate or even spread like the nutellas.

eddie : where has ? it may contain trans fatty acid though. all the issue now with trans fat - the bad fat - we are working on low trans solution or even trans free. i am quite sad with my weight gain. sob sob.

js : i do some application work on peanut butter as well. but i mostly concentrate on chocolates. i am ok but been busy.

arglene : toblerone is one of the nice brands. i love godiva and ferrero ones as well.

charlene : chocolates make us headache - in a way, it gives us toothache. wow. you have a list of questions - i have alot of these everyday for my work. to answer some of your questions. dark chocolate - without milk, contains min 35% cocoa solids. milk chocolate - contains milk and min 25% cocoa solids. and white chocolate is based on cocoa butter without the cocoa solids. unless the required amount of cocoa solids and cocoa butter and milk solids are fulfilled, then in EU they are not called chocolates. in many countries, cocoa butter is replaced with vegetable fats, but they are still called chocolates. real chocolate is good for health. substitutes one may contain high trans fatty acids and too much saturated fats. okie....enough lessons for today :P

Eddie said...

I said " oishii",
but deep inside "I thought it taste more like a durian cake".. :p