Monday, August 07, 2006

Exercise and Exercise Too Much

It was a busy weekend. But ...
Taku : Wooofff ! woofff ! What a boring weekend ?
Patrick : Issit ? But I am busy wor ... reading my book.
Taku : Boring la ... you are always busy with YOUR work ... woofff !
Patrick : OKla .. OKla .. what you suggest ?
Taku : I suggest ? Hmmmm .....
Patrick : Yea ... yea ...
Taku : Take me for a walk. Woofff ! Take me for a walk. Woofff !
Patrick : OK. Good to do some exercise. You are getting fat.
Taku : You too ! So when ?
Patrick : Later in the afternoon. You go sleep first.
Taku : Cheh ! I knew it.
Patrick : But it is noon la now. Hot la.
Taku eagerly waited for his evening outing.
Taku : Arrrrrrwwwww ... so tired. You made me walked two hours. Too much ... too much. You made me either sleep too much, eat too much or exercise too much. Too extreme. Woooooof ... puufff
Taku : Ouch ... my muscle cramped ... help.
Taku was so tired and he just laid down on hard concrete floor the whole night.
And slowly falling into sleep. I could happily go out with friends and leaving him alone in my room.
After dinner, after I was back home, he was still sleeping. Weak dog. Need more exercise but maybe not too much.


zbjernak said...

u sure he is still alive? eehehehehhe

taku is "classy" dog... u dont let him do too much hard work mah

Anonymous said...

Taku is getting bigger and bigger...last time you posted pics of him, he was still a little puppy!!
Ai Ling

Eddie said...

Taku can speak !??
Hokkien or English or Cantonese?
Very cute photos of Taku
I was busy with my Phd interview preparation.. and just passed the interview yesterday..
We will go to Biwa-ko this Friday.

Anonymous said...

don't be so cruel with Taku..

Melissa said...

HAhahahaa (^0^)/ Poor Taku! That was too cute. Love the dialogue (^_<)

~AnGeL~ said...

aiyoyo... taku is big big boy oredi... dont abandon him too much yah.. or u can get him a gf lar... since u always busy with work. so adorable... :) just love dogs!

shin said...

I saw you have single bed. i think u should buy queen size or king size now. at least taku can sleep with u

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : he has weak legs. lack of exercise. he is now taking glucosamine to help with the stiffness on the legs.

ai ling : yup yup. he has grown quite abit. but some say he is not as big as a six-month old.

eddie : he hardly barks. but strange enough, he could understand what i say most of the time. on your phd interview, otsukare .. i have probably mentioned in your blog.

anonymous : eaow ? how have you been doing ? your phd studies well ?

melissa : he is getting naughtier by day.

angel : i dont spend enough time with the dog. too much work and always back home late. feel guilty at times.

shin : single size bed is ok for me. how is your new job ? good ?