Saturday, September 09, 2006

Family Day 2006

Some time last month, we had our annual Family Day at Austin Hills Country Club. It was some sort of a combined family-staff interaction day with some motivation intentions.
There are two 18 holes courses, namely the Austin Course and the Hills Course. We did not play golf but quite plentiful event to fill the day. Below is just to name a few.
The group first gathered for some opening speeches. Not bad. The starting atmosphere was quite perfect I would say.
One of the games that we had - Giant Sandle.
The game started and each group competed against each other.
It was fun watching them - how they flip flop during the race.
Some kids were there watching, while other contesting for coloring fun.
Some of the works of the kids. Some quite nice indeed.
Many other events which I have lazily skipped. One of the interesting ones was face drawing. Despite being the President of the Club, I wasn't aware that the senior management team was targeted for this section. Reason being that I always skip the meeting.
It is no delicate cosmetic nor any beautiful look that one like to dream about. Just paint and brush. How brutal !
Elvin looked quite OK here - devilish.
Patriotic huh ? I think Mr Chan won the most votes from the audience. Not to mention that Elvin got the least. There were I think 6 of them on stage.
The group of Indonesian workers. They never really joined the group - sort of shy off the rest of the people. Everyone was tired. It was a hot day. Thanks for the team anyways.

I will be off for a short trip. Hopefully more posts in days to come. Ciao.


zbjernak said...

looks fun
but i never join in any family day event before
my dad's company used to have, but i used to go for the KFC only

happy holiday, dude

Anonymous said...

OOo.....where to? Have a good time!!
Ai Ling

Eddie said...

are u going to Seoul or Bangkok this time?

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your Seoul n Bangkok post!