Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Art Island of Naoshima

Naoshima is a small island situated in Seto Inland Sea known for its nature and contemporary art. The art site is an attempt to produce an utterly new type of space and experience by setting contemporary art and architecture amidst the beauty of nature.
The outdoor over-sized polka-dot pumpkin is one of the art pieces that drew people to the remote Naoshima Island.
Edited here for more pumpkin colors. We saw only the yellow and the red ones.
The blurred effect using Irfan View - I actually like how the way I formed the mosaic art.
Different types of pumpkin available during one of the visits to XiTang, Zhejiang. Click here :


Nightraveller said...

Your mosaic art looks Andy Warholish, nice job! ;-) btw, Kusama Yayoi was a good friend to Mr. Warhol

Lene said...

Oh my God! Hellooo Pat! You are soo back! :)

Nice to see you here again....hopefully this is permament...

Can't wait to hear from you. Pay me a visit (online that is! :p) will you? =0