Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer Vacation Part 4 of 5

Everyone had only a little bit of sleep and we had to drag ourselves out of bed for breakfast.
Saruta-san apparently drank too much sake the night before and woke up with a bad hangover.
The Senjojiki with some unique rock formation and the word senjojiki roughly translates to 'one thousand tatami mats'.
The M2 students (Left to right; Tanabe-san, Yamauchi-san, Sugawara-san, Kimura-san and Saruta-san). Strong winds due to typhoon No. 7 approaching central Japan.
Sandanbeki, situated on the south shore of Senjojiki, is a breath-taking cliff with a height of 50 m. A long time ago, the cliff was used as a look-out point from which fishermen watched for passing ships and shoals of fish.
There is a cave complex underneath that's rumored to have been used by the inland sea pirates. Sea caves are formed by thousands of years of ocean waves pounding against and break directly on a rock cliff (weak zones) and are formed by mechanical erosion.
The building at the top offers an elevator to the bottom (costs 1000 yen), down inside the cliff.
Water dripping from the cave roof, chilling air and moist inside the cave. Waves rushing in and rushing out of the sea cave.
Another picture of the semi-submerged sea cave of sandanbeki.
There is a shrine located inside the cave - some sort of a hidden treasure from ancient times.
During the great sea battle between two powerful clans, the Genji and Heike (the so-called Heiji War), japanese warriors have lived and used the underground cave as observation post and hiding place.
One of my sempai (senior). Mori-san (D3) pictured here in a japanese warrior costume (battle dress).


zbjernak said...

reall can go down?
wouldnt it be the water level raise....

anyway...sure it is a great experience... nice one

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : yep. there is an elevator all the way 50 m down to the bottom, down inside the cliff. i am not sure if the place will get flooded or not if there are huge waves, especially inside the temple complex. yea. i like the cave. it is something that i don't quite see in malaysia.

Acrix said...

Breath-taking view! So is there lotsa bats inside the cave? i remember going to mulu cave and the floor is all covered with the bat's littering~

Patrick Leong said...

acrix : bats ? no there isn't any though. i have never been to sarawak. wish to see that part of malaysia one day.