Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer Vacation Part 5 of 5

Shirahama Energy Land is a solar energy driven theme park (I think). Not a big theme park - only one coaster ride (the Paradise Coaster) and a few movie mixed with moving seats and animatronics (Jurassic Tour and Ultraman - The Ride).
This unusual water fountain (体重噴水) is designed as a device to measure weight between 10 kg to 80 kg.
Shirahama Energyland was quite boring and a waste of time and money (1800 yen per entry). However, we did enjoy the Trick Art House (at least for some nice pictures).
The original picture was rotated to the right, 90-degree.
Left to right; Tatsuhara-san, Oita-san and Yazaki-san.
More pictures taken inside the Trick Art House.
More information of Shirahama Energy Land, click here : (in japanese)
Saruta-san was still suffering the ill effects of too much sake the night before. And longing for close friend, Kobayashi-san. Well, I miss her too.
Before heading back to Kyoto, we stopped by at the Tore Tore Ichiba for late lunch. This time I ordered kaisen don (海鮮丼)
More information on Wakayama Prefecture, click here :


ling said...

Looks like a nice place to go!!

Eddie said...

Patrick.. u spend too much time on the blog.. no wonder ur whole specimen was washed away !

Primrose said...

Mmm, yummy! My eyes were glued to the last picture. Ikura! I love it! I could buy a whole bottle (in Sydney fish market la, not here) and eat it alone. Wah, cholesterol level would shoot up!

zbjernak said...

the trick art house is cool...
and the salmon roe is just so tempting...
yummy yummy

Patrick Leong said...

flaminarse : yes. the vacation was good. it was a good break for me. no more traveling until next month (i guess).

eddie : yes. i know. but i am more hardworking now these days on my research.

primrose : i didn't like salmon roe only until lately - at first rather fishy and oily. even now, i wouldn't be able to eat a whole bowl of roe.

zbjernak : i am surprised that quite a few of you like raw seafood.

Acrix said...

IS the lady in the first pict saying the scale is lying? The seafood rice looks luxurious to me~ How much does it cost?

emotionalistic said...

Seems like fun. A sure-to-go place if I visit Japan :).

Patrick Leong said...

acrix : yes. you are right about the translation. i think the kaisen don is about 1200 yen (about rm 40). it was good but the salmon and ikura don that i took the day before was better. in kaisen don, there were some types of fish meat that i didn't like. a little too rubbery.

emotionalistic : i assume you have started with your new job since it is now beginning of august ? good luck.