Saturday, February 25, 2006

Miss You Miss Me

It has been only two months since I was back to Malaysia for good but I have to say that I have started to miss Japan. My story is sometimes boring but below are what I really miss and what I don't.
1. Labmates. I have got a few great and really helpful labmates.
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2. Other friends. I know we will keep in touch and stay as good friends. I miss all the funs we had together.
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3. Sushi and Wasabi. My recent sushi experience in SUSHI KING was a complete disappointment.
Four Season
4. Four Seasons and UNIQLO. The heat back here can be really nasty at times although occasional rain cool the heat down. No UNIQLO but U2, Seed, Zara and G2000.
5. O'Festival (omatsuri). Nothing as beautiful as what I have seen in Japan (so far).
6. Nihongo. I have not been speaking alot of nihongo the past two months. Only once when we had a japanese customer visiting the factory. Hajimemashite ~ Patorikku to iimasu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
7. 415. This is the number of a room in Hyakumanben Heights occupied by me, then later by don't-know-who. No love life, no science fiction. Unlike 2046, only boring story line (I lost my poster. I left it in Incheon Airport).
8. Todaiji Temple. My most visited temple, located in Nara. Probably 15 times or more.
9. Bicycle. Well, I have a car now. I don't miss my old bicycle. It has been long forgotten.
10. Ugly cicadas. I am glad they are gone for the moment.
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So it is a 8 out of 10. Life so far in Malaysia is good. Work is interesting. Good colleagues. Nice housemates. Busy weekends. I miss doing sightseeing and taking pictures. Of course blogging as well and I have just checked - no phone cables till May - therefore, no internet.


Primrose said... make me miss a lot of things too! Give it some time. It took me 5 years to realise that I'm home for good...

Acrix said...

Glad to hear from ya again. How come it needs several months for phone cables? Ur area using fibre optic?

zbjernak said...

yoyo..shushi king...
so much for the 'king'

it sucks to the max..really...getting worse each day
u got to try those small establishment....

not so commercialize..

noomai said...

I think genki sushi is better than sushi king over there.
take your time, you will be alright. or else come back for a visit!!

Anonymous said...

hey, how are u doing.
Lovely post... i think the most touching post of all.
You should have left the poster for me...hmm... 415 is still unoccupied.
412 will soon be empty too..

2046 is nothing compared to 415-love crisis, dental crisis, 412-crisis, haha.. a full 4 years length of journey to be told.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too takes time to settle down and you will get over the whole "you know, in Japan we...." stage like my friend just told me. Msia is filled with a lot of interesting things...we have three diff cultures, so tht says a lot. There will be a lot of festivals in which you would have a lot of fun blogging about. So I will look forward to tht. Take care and good luck!
Ai Ling

Lene said...

Yey! At last...=) I'm glad you're coping and I do hope you'll able to feel that you're finally home...

I will be finding another one too hopefully...and will take another step.

Keep on blogging Patrick! Take care always! =)

Patrick Leong said...

primrose : life is a contradicting evidence. single or married ? home or abroad ? study or work ? attached people wants to be single. single ones long for their true love. married but no strings attached.. and so on. too much study wanting to get a job. started working .. those were the days .. student life ..casual. i don't think i will be home for good. hopefully 3 or 5 years later, i would be posted abroad.

acrix : the problem is the place that i am now staying has no phone cable. i heard from the neighbours that there isn't cable for phones the past two years since they moved in. well, it is not a big town. thats the problem.

zbjernak : i got some BAD service there.
1) i asked the chef to make a new tuna salad sushi so that i can have good and crunchy seaweed (nori) but he wasn't happy with my request.
2) when i ordered a california roll, when it was passed to me, the whole piece dropped on the conveyer belt. he didn't offer a new one.
3) there was a BIG fly in the restaurant.

noomai : i found some reasonably good sushi in jusco. i am still waiting for overseas assignment. not sure when i can visit japan again. today we had customer visit to our factory from japan. guess what ?!? he was from kyoto university. he was from the agriculture department. super senior !!

eddie : yea. should have given that to you. what about the 415-love crisis ? i only knew 412-crisis. i guess through my blog is the only way you can kutuk me now.

ailing : i think you are right. we had a kite festival here a few weeks ago. i just hadn't the time to go visiting. i have not used my camera since chinese new year. that was the one of the very few times i used it after back from japan. you traveling anywhere for haru yasumi ?

arglene : yep, i will try to blog at least twice a month. i have got some pictures that i took during chinese new year. hopefully to find time to do it this week or next. you take care too.

Amanda Brightwell said...

Oh no... dead bug!

Glad to see you again =)

ODD said...

Poor you.. Hope too see you soon. With net connection. Lookforward to seeing what you have been getting uptoo.

fish fish said...

I think the thing I'm gonna miss the most in japan is the food, the scene and the internet. My turn soon. Argh~~~

But can't wait to see my home sweet home too. ^_^

How conflicting.

Patrick Leong said...

amanda : glad to see you back here too. how is the baby ?

odd : i will commit to two posts a month. i dont think there would be any internet connection at home. either at the office on saturday or at friend's place over the weekend i will spend time blogging. will keep you updated with good sceneries of malaysia.

fish : i heard you are coming back by end of the month. must be busy packing and selling stuffs now. so what is next after phd ?