Saturday, March 11, 2006


Kia Spectra is so far the best car that I have ever purchased. Well, not that I have owned many cars. My first was a Proton Iswara Aeroback and this is my second. Although KIA cars did not enjoy good ratings among car buyers, Spectra 1.6 LS is a reasonably good car for money with a nice design touch and spacious interior. The ride is quite smooth, but high petrol consumption is one major throwback (being a not so light car).
The exterior of KIA Spectra LS. Not my favorite color though. A report suggested that silver cars are the safest on the road. What is your favorite car color ?
Does anyone know Toyota Prius ? Well, Spectra LS is nothing compared to that but it still gives the driver some style. It does have some shapely curves and expressive lines.
A reasonably good flashy car - although not quite luxurious but luxury at an affordable price.
A good looking back view.
The Interior - the steering wheel and speedometer display.
The standard CD player that came with the car. Sensitive to pirated CDs.
Comfortable driver and passenger seats. Leather seats - not quite a good choice especially when you have your car parked under the sun, the seat become so hot.
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Acrix said...

It'z manual or auto transmission? I think i still have a long way to owning a car :( Missed driving alot :P

zbjernak said...

malaysians are very sceptic about korean/american cars...

i like the front light... hehehe
the back so so niah

Cloud Strife said...

Hi Patrick. Well I see you love photography and you lived in Japan, just like me (but I only stayed 5 months). I hope you enjoy your time there...
About the car, I like the front design, but the back is horrible. Is very similar to Honda Civic 2003 and the front-look is with a lot of curves but the back looks straight.
Here in Peru but Japanese cars (easy to fin parts), KIA is not very popular here... I like the Cerato or maybe a Toyota Prius (because save a lot of gasoline).
I will visit again and read your old Japanese posts too!

Anonymous said...

Hahah...gone were the days you cycles to and fro from your house to uni to town etc....enjoy your car!

Patrick Leong said...

acrix : it is auto. sure you will have your own car soon after you have finished your studies.

zbjernak : japanese cars rule in realibility. they scored best in many surveys. i wonder the AP issue is over or still hanging ?

cesar : thank you for visiting my blog. i am glad you have enjoyed staying in japan. you should come and visit malaysia as well.

ailing : when are you back for holidays ? you went to fiji again to collect skulls ?

Dewey Setlak said...

When did you buy your car? It still has the old logo of Kia, so maybe it's around 1995 or above. We do have the same color actually of our car since I also prioritize safety while driving. And since it's a light color, it became the safest car color unlike brown cars who has risk of accidents since it can be impossible to see at nighttime.