Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Amsterdam at Night

During my second trip to Europe, I visited Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. Whilst all the rest (the trip started from Solingen) was posted more than half a year ago (December 2006), there are actually still two (trip to Amsterdam, Holland) remain as drafts in the blog.
Amsterdam is well known for its canal, but it is also most outstanding for its Red Light District.
Everyone has heard about this world famous area but only until when you see it for yourself, you cannot really imagine what it's really like.
During the day, many people work in offices and in shops in the red-light area. But as dark approaches the area obtains a certain red light charm (Ahem).
Walking around the area in the evening before midnight is even more lovely as the red light themselves reflect in the canals which gives the area an even more inviting/romantic feel about it.
Not exactly only sex shops, the area has also many bars, pubs, cafes and coffeeshops for hangout (in case you bring along your kids).
Some of these sex shops are supermarket size and carry a huge range of every sex aid and toy you could ever want (ie a full size electric blow up dolls - boys or girls - take your pick !)
Amsterdam is famous for it's pornography industry. Here you can have your private viewing cabin so you can watch a bit before you buy. Well you can watch the whole show too for a fee though (Ahem ahem).
The district has more to offer - in case you want more - peep show, live sex show, well, well it is a sex(y) WORLD.
Window prostitution is a legal thing here. All the prostitutes are licensed and there is even a union for the prostitutes to help them lobby the government when needed. The very attractive ones have many horny men hanging around outside. Taking photo's of these women is not permitted and you will be in trouble if you get caught.
Amsterdam is also home to two sexy museums - the Erotic Museum and the Sex Museum.
Adult (very adult) cartoons were shown in this viewing room at the Erotic Museum. I bet you have always known there was something going on between Snow White and those dwarfs, didn't you ? For just a few Euros into the museum, the self guided tour will lead you to many erotic art through the ages (good education indeed !)
Some sort of a pee station for six - no plumbing and only occupy a small area. Can come convenient and is the only free place you ever got (you have to pay Euro 0.50 for toilet use).
Late after midnight, when all the tourists have gone and there are only junkies and bums left out and the area can become a bit dangerous. Don't get too horny and don't stay too late !

Also, the Red Light District is also home to Amsterdam's China Town where you are guaranteed to get some good real Chinese food. I was there almost every night.


Eddie said...

very interesting post! I love all the pictures. You are in Amsterdam, that means you are actually already working for the new company?

mutarika said...

beautiful pictures here.
just dropping by to say hi :)

take care

catalyst0527 said...

What an interesting post & pictures! :)

Especially this part :
"something going on between Snow White and those dwarfs"

Patrick Leong said...

eddie : i am still in jb. new job to be based in china. and it is a swiss-belgian company. not dutch. i am going to phuket mid of next month for holidays. how is your study get going ?

mutarika : thanks mai. how is life in kyoto ? it has been awhile since i last saw you. i wonder how is ton ? i miss kyoto alot. katsu don.

catalyst0527 : those cartoons though contained a lot of sex elements, but they were really really funny.

zbjernak said...

patrick...switch job again??
chocolate making? swiss company?

and u sure u were there almost everyday for chinese foods?

Acrix said...

Like Zbjernak, patrick u sure u go there for the chinese foods only everynite? haha~

Did u try the cannabis from the coffeeshop?

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : apparently better offer and better prospect - tough to resist.

acrix : i would have liked to try some cannabis (cakes) if i were there with someone but not when i was alone. i was longing for asian food after a month eating sausages at the college in solingen.

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Jeff said...

Awesome post, Patrick! Thanks for sharing, I love the pics! I'd like to share a certain little something I came across online which really made my visit to Amsterdam an unforgettable experience. Despite the cheesy sales page, The Red Light District Guide has probably the best insider information on the Red Light district I've found anywhere.

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