Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Park Tour

Lake Garden is the most popular park in Kuala Lumpur. Built around two lakes, the tropical garden consists of Orchid Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Butterfly Park and Bird Park. I have decided to visit the latter two.
The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park was just a 'so so' park (in my opinion). A walk in the garden, there were not many butterflies flying around actually. I was hoping that the tour would have allowed people to observe butterfly life cycle in action. Couldn't even track down a caterpillar !

They should have stations with butterfly nectars - specially to attract butterflies so that visitors can have a closer look at them. A short video of a butterfly busy collecting nectar from flowers.
A huge overhead net roof spans the garden. There were actually more trees seen than butterflies !
A few small flowers seen here and there.
There is a shallow pond for tortoises - dwelling under the sun. Feeding is possible.
The vivid oranges, red, black and whites of huge Koi fishes.
The sighting of other insects too in the park. I actually have had better butterfly pictures during my last trip to the Singapore Zoo.
The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is the largest covered bird park in the world. Sprawling approximately 30 acres, visitors can enjoy watching melodic birds perching and winging about freely and at the same time relaxing in a natural and beautifully landscaped surrounding.
The park contains some three thousand or more birds for you to look at and here are some of which pictures I have taken. Above would be a cattle egret (a blonde chick ?).
Apart from bird watching, visitors can also experience bird (i.e. eagle) feeding at various feeding stations.
Painted storks - tall and slender and the head is partly bare of feathers, and is orange-red in color (actually gave a ducky expression).
It has also light fink feathers on its lower back. Nice and elegant.
Hornbills - their elaborated and brightly colored bills. A variety of species and plenty of them.
A fat brown owl nodding off but they may look sleepy or even half asleep when really they are wide awake. Be aware you rats !
The peacock butt - when displays his tail feathers, the peacock shows his intention to the peahen he is ready for mating.
The many variations of parrots. And my favorite is the Rainbow Lorikeet - a dark blue or violet-blue head and stomach, a bright green back, tail and vent, and an orange breast and beak.
Many fruit orchard owners consider them a pest, as they often fly in groups and strip trees containing fresh fruit.
If you are a Malaysian (plus you bring along your MyKad), admission rate is as following;
Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park RM 5.00 per person
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park RM 12.00 per person

The bird park was worth the visit - I enjoyed the trip quite a bit. If you are a foreigner, then you will have to pay about RM 30.00 per person, unless you are taking the park package which you may then enjoy a few ringgits off.

I would have liked to go explore other places in the city (i.e. Eye on Malaysia) and to meet up friends while back home over the weekends, but heavy downpour and flash flood has kept me at home watching TV.


~AnGeL~ said...

i worked (intership during my uni years) in the bird park for 3 weeks before.. loved that place. visiting that place is fun.. working there was simply awesome!!

Primrose said...

Wah, I live here in KL for so long also I haven't visited this park wor. Eh, what camera you use? Very nice and clear pics. You can actually submit them to some postcard centre and have them print into postcards for the Bird park! I have been on the Eye on Malaysia. Check out my link

lingy said...

I love your pictures. The colours, so beautiful.
yeah the flood is horrendous. It's crazy.

I am planning to go to the bird park one day for photo taking. Probs when I get new lens.

Patrick Leong said...

angel : oh. i didnt know you worked there for internship. what did you do there ?

primrose : it was my first time too. plenty of peacocks and peahens there. mine is a canon powershot s2. i am planning to send one of those monkey pictures taken in batu caves to thumbnails@thestar.com.my

lingy : thanks thanks. i am still learning how to use the camera. i got it from eddie. i bet you are using SLR types ?

bingo and betty said...

stunning,stunning, beautiful patrick

Lene said...

'blonde chick', that is cute! Prim's right you do have feat shots.. am wondering too what camera brand you are using. =p I've been thinking, for the many pictures that you have, you can probably hold an exhibit! =p and I will be glad to come! =)

Anonymous said...

hey patrick!!!
been to turkey in May,love only istanbul and pamukkale. dubai is good but its airport is bad. still klia better...
i just back from cambodia and vietnam! wow...angkor wat is stunning!! but i am quite disappointed to the capital, phnom penh!!
erm... angeline told me you would be coming back but i need to fly in vietnam so i couldnt meet up you guys! well will be going to HK,Macau and 5 cities in mainland china then europe(10countries) in aug&sept,aus,nz,canada and probably russia... after thailand,spore,phil and indonesia, i would either back to research or get a job.
i guess i would only be free after next year feb! anyway lets see if all of us would meet up somewhere or not in the future...i miss the gatherings we had in japan!


Patrick Leong said...

bingo and betty : thanks thanks. i am enjoying my new camera.

lene : wow, never thought of that. i think there is still way to go with my skills. perhaps i do have a few good shots (maybe). i have a few good friends who are still studying in japan. we used to go take pictures together and they are indeed very good. pictures with feel if thats what i like to decribe their artwork. mine is somewhat lacking of it.

ahfu : wow. looks like you are traveling around the world. lets see if we can catch up when you are around or after your trip. bon voyage and enjoy your CSP trip.

Anonymous said...

I love the last one of the parrot! Very colourful shot!
Ai Ling

Anonymous said...

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