Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Journey - Ancient Angkor

It was a five days trip to the ancient city. We could cover quite a bit with the three-day pass which cost us USD 40, which has allowed me to visit Angkor Wat (itself) for all three days. In fact, I think we had visited (briefly) most of the important sites including a half day tour to the floating village of Tonle Sap.
Late afternoon and sunset view from Phnom Bakheng.
Angkor Wat
Sunrise and early morning walk for Angkor Wat itself.
Angkor Thom
The city gate of Angkor Thom.
Bayon - the complex of face towers.
Phimeanakas - The royal palace of Suryavarman I.
Elephant Terrace
The Elephant Terrace - carvings of elephants along its wall.
Leper King
The Leper King Terrace - deities of the underworld, the hidden wall.
Thommanon - A compact temple in the style of Angkor Wat.
Five massive towers on top of the imposing Takeo temple.
Banteay Kdei
The inner towers of Banteay Kdei.
Ta Prohm
Strangler figs and silk-cotton trees entwined among ruins of Ta Prohm.
Banteay Srei
Banteay Srei with some exquisite decorative carvings in pink sandstone.
Banteay Samre
Excellently restored Angkor Wat-style temple, Banteay Samre is one of my favorites.
Pre Rup
Huge brick towers of Pre Rup.
Ta Som
Ta Som - a small temple, miniature simplified version of Ta Prohm.
Neak Pean
Neak Pean - An island temple in the middle of a pond.
Preah Khan
Used to be a buddhist university, Preah Khan is a MUST visit.
Tonle Sap
On the way to the largest freshwater lake - The Great Lake of Tonle Sap.
We enjoyed the show - in the art of music and Apsara dancing.
Where we lived for several nights - value for money and good service (recommended).
Bou Savy Guesthouse & Restaurant
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Anonymous said...

the first picture is great!!
btw, you went there with who?

catalyst0527 said...

all of the scrupture in the picture looks very antique.
I also want to go to Ankor Wat someday! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture too. Was it worth the trip?
Ai Ling