Thursday, May 03, 2007

Umizaru 2

Interuption to the Siem Reap post ...

I have not watched Umizaru, but I must say that the sequel is terrific. I watched it twice.
Story about Japan rescue divers (umizaru aka sea monkeys), romance and an enormous ship sinking. So much better than Poseidon or even the recent movie, The Guardian. The theme song, Precious by Yuna Ito is good music too.

I wonder if any of my Malaysian friends in Japan would send me Umizaru or the 11-episode drama series of Umizaru Evolution eh ?


Lee Ai Ling said...

When I come back, I can get you the DVD if we can meet?

Patrick Leong said...

ailing : no it is ok. i bought it in popular bookstore both umizaru 1 and the drama series. i agree with ed that part one is not so interesting. the sequel is much better.