Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Back to KL

Another interuption to the Siem Reap post.

I went back to Kuala Lumpur for the weekends. It has been awhile though since I was last back home (to see my parents). The weather in Kuala Lumpur is always hot and humid. Not that Johor Bahru is not hot, but it is always not as suffocating !
I have longed to see Batu Caves since back for good from Japan some 1 1/2 years ago. And finally, took a Metro bus No. 11 over the weekends to visit the cave temple. The high statue (42.7 metres) is of Lord Murugan.
The cave houses several Hindu shrines beneath its 100 metres vaulted ceiling.
Batu Caves is one of the holiest Hindu shrine in Malaysia, and has become the centre of a great religious ceremony - the Thaipusam.
There are 272 steps that a visitor has to climb in order to access the temple at the summit of the hill.
On a clear sunny day, the topmost landing of the stairway offers view of sub-urban Kuala Lumpur.
The cave is a 400-million year-old limestone cave.
Just at the entrance of the cave, a deity statue with a peacock.
At your arrival, you will be greeted by plenty of the Long-tailed Macaque, guarding the upper reaches of the complex stairways.
Visitors are fascinated at the sight of these monkeys, which they feed - sometimes involuntarily.
But as you can see he is scratching his head and wondering, just as we are taking his picture.
Have you been a stinky monkey ? The quite contented looking monkey having his (likely a male monkey) fleas picked !
Monkey drinking from fresh coconut. Thats was yummy, looks like !
This monkey looked fine, happily enjoying the remaining of the coconut water.
Hmmm, hmmm, it was fingers licking good COCONUT.
Garlands of flowers for offerings to deities. It symbolizes the good that has blossomed in oneself.
Coconut (fruit of god) is used as an object of worship - The coconut is broken and placed before the Lord. It symbolizes selfless service.
Meanwhile, the feathers of the peacock are considered auspicious and protective.
Batu Caves is said to have been discovered by K. Thamboosamy an Indian trader in the 1800s. But it became famous only after it was discovered by the American Naturalist, William Hornaday in 1878.
Then, I decided to do some shopping at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Twin Tower) - Suria Complex.
View of the sky bridge from the KLCC park - the 58.4 metre sky bridge at levels 41 and 42 links the Twin Towers.
KLCC Aquaria is an underwater park located beneath KLCC - upclose and personal with marine life (as well as small jungle creatures).

Took a short video inside the underwater tunnel. One can actually dive with the sharks for registered sessions.
Not sure of what species - a Monchichis monkey ?
Dinner at Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant - numerous buffet lines, the Japanese sushi and sashimi station, Chinese dishes, dim sum and seafood soup, western seafood, indian delicacies, tepanyakki and stir fry seafood, juice and drinks, and desserts. Value for money.


JShya said...

Love the reflection of KLCC!!! very creative...JS ...posting comments on Patrick Leong's command ;)

zbjernak said...

u really know how to enjoy
jagoya..wanted to go..just havnt go

FiShY~FiSh said...

heyaaaa patrick! :)
remember moi? kamini here.... hey love your blog man! its super cool, llluuurrveeee the pictures! hehe...hey when we gonna meet up for coffee?? haha.. keep in touch ya :)

FiShY~FiSh said...

:) you got some growing fascination over monkeys kah???? good job!

Patrick Leong said...

jshya : nice to meet up with you and hon2 over the weekends. i think i will be back again next weekend. lets catch up again.

zbjernak : sure. everybody must enjoy la.

kamini : at last i got a message from you. i tried to call last week but apparently did not get through the line. anis told me you were outstation. next weekend i will be back again.

bingo and betty said...

beautiful shots man.

charlene said...

i love to see monkeys. I was born on the monkey's year :)

it was a long long while..i don't remember when did i heard from you.

Nightraveller said...

The monkey pics are nice!
Did you happen to touch any monkeys?

Patrick Leong said...

bingo and betty : thanks alot.

charlene : yea. i think we need to meet soon.

nightraveler : i wouldn't want to touch them - they will probably jump on my head !