Monday, July 09, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

In 2007, Malaysia celebrates its 50th year of nationhood. Hurray.
As part of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is the iconic viewing wheel, as one of the 50 major attractions introduced by the Tourism Ministry to woo tourists.
The Eye on Malaysia - the RM 30 million (wah, so expensive !!) ferris wheel that comprises of 42 gondolas (similar to the London Eye) is located at Titiwangsa Lake Gardens.
The wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree skyline view of Kuala Lumpur during a 12-minute ride that goes 60 metres high.
Eye on Malaysia, originally installed in Paris is quite a hit among locals and tourists.
Although I have initially expected the ferris wheel to be larger and in fact, rather disappointed at first glance, but I quite like the reflection of the high structure on the Titiwangsa Lake.
I did not get onto the EYE. I guess as a Malaysian, I should have for once at least. It was too hot that noon.
Another snapshot of the reflected ferris wheel from the lake. It would be nice to have some night shots and stayed on for the water and light displaying but I was a little too tired. It was another 2 - 3 hours wait. For pictures, do visit bloom, flowers, bloom - EYE on Malaysia.
An exclusive VIP gondola has also been outfitted to include plush leather seats fit for a king, a mini fridge, a DVD player, a plasma TV and a mobile telephone.
Apart from the gondola ride, one can also enjoy other attractions ie. the International Watersky Spectacular. Malaysia welcomes you.
The park is also a good place for jogging, canoeing, "paktoh" and awhole lot of other activities.
Made of fish meat that is grounded to a paste and mixed with sago flour, and then deep-fried, the keropok is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. One of my favorites and best eaten with sweet and spicy chilli sauce.
Eye on Malaysia but Made in China (alamak !). To some extent, it just can't help - "Made in China. Sold everywhere" - in today's world through globalization, China has rapidly become an economic superpower. A place where I will be heading next.


Primrose said...

Wei, you managed to get there. I hope I wasn't lousy in directions. *giggle* Very nice one against the Twin Towers. I didn't get that shot at night. And I didn't get to eat any keropok lekor, which I love. Hope you had some fun. :)

zbjernak said...

did u went tht time when they have fireworks every weekend?

it is beautiful...

but the shots u had is amazing, i like the twin towers peeking from behind the gondolas..

Acrix said...

Might visit this eye on malaysia after i've done my exam. Have a nice trip in China. So which part of China ur going to?

Patrick Leong said...

primrose : it wasn't difficult to get there. it is very near to klcc indeed. i did quite a bit of walking around the lake and tried to get the best shots i could. overall, yea, i quite like the pictures.

zbjernak : no fireworks. i did ask but apparently that event ended some time like february. now they do light and water display (i think). furthermore the batteries were almost out.

acrix : going to eastern china. you will probably see alot of pictures of china after september (if i am still blogging :P).

Eddie said...

ok, get a 2 LDK when you are in China.