Friday, July 06, 2007

Something to Talk About Part 4

I'd always liked this part of my blog. Occasionally there is something to talk about. It has been awhile since the last time, and I thought it would be nice to have another one now.

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Many of us relate ambition with power, wealth, success and career. Many times, when asked what is our ambition, we will think of our career or something significant that we would like to achieve. However, some others may differ. Their ambition may just to be the best person he/she can be, do no avoidable harm to others. Can one say his/her ambition is to get married and have a happily ever after family ?
Ambition in fact a simple word but with BIG meanings - the desire, eagerness to achieve something, to be someone. And to have ambition, motivation always be present.

Can good ambition lead to bad consequences ? Can one be victim of having ambition ? Of course. Because ambition could cause people to go over limits and sometimes the ambition can be so big that people hurt themselves and others while trying to reach a goal.

Do you still have ambition ? Or are you lost now somewhere searching for new motivation ?

Did you remember the three choices you'd put in the list ? I wanted to become a doctor, or maybe a teacher or a policeman.

Is what you are now someone you aimed to be when you were a kid ? Is your ambition what your parents wanted you to be ? Ambition is part of our life. And ambition is essential.


charlene said...

i want to pose a question. What kind of ambition is necessary is the thing one has to see depending upon one’s heredity and environment or nature and nurture to do best and beautiful things in the world rather than make it hell for everyone to live. Why? because ambition is the driving force in life, despite no facility, no help and no aid to make great achievements possible in the world.

But ambition based on one-sidedness, selfishness or extremist desire or imagination is abnormal, unnatural and undesirable for human society in the world. Therefore ambition is necessary, but good ambition only can give satisfaction, peace and happiness in life; otherwise, undesirable ambition can lead one only to madness and utter failure, which would be harmful to the healthy functioning of the society anywhere in the world whether it is in the realm of politics or science, religion or philosophy, business or economy and technology or industry.

i used to have an ambition to be a Lawyer. I regret to say it was a failure although i try so hard.

Patrick Leong said...

charlene : it is never easy when one has a big dream. and how would you define that ? how BIG is BIG ? some people live to their dreams. it seems so effortless. others struggling and working hard to fulfil their dreams. a handful may just keep on dreaming (lol).

Lene said...

I used to have ambitions in mind when I was still a child. But soon I realized that they are my dreams which have yet to be fulfilled. Char is right, it's a drive to achieve something in life provided you have the willingness to.

In time I've come to accept the fact that destiny may have find its way on me and lead me to a different track apart from what I wanted to be. But still, my life has been meaningful. =p

You aspired to be a policeman eh? I, to become a soldier, though! :P

Patrick Leong said...

lene : i am (too) weak to be a policeman. furthermore my legs are not too good for running - too slow. i am better off with eating chocolates and doing research.

charlene said...

awww..and my ambition is to have both you and arglene (policeman) and the (soldier) to protect this little girl here. :), I am a big big girl to have a big big dream. ^~^

Patrick Leong said...

charlene : sure. even not a policeman, still i will protect you as a friend.

Lene said...

I will Char, you're afriend and I'm willing to protect you. If you'll just let me. =p

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