Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hike the Hill - Daimonji-yama

Located on the middle-western portion of the island of Honshu, Kyoto is surrounded by mountains. Because Kyoto is surrounded by mountains on all sides, it is infamous for its stifling summer nights with no air movement.
Kyoto has following districts : Fushimi-ku, Higashiyama-ku, Kamigyo-ku, Kita-ku, Minami-ku, Nakagyo-ku, Nishikyo-ku, Sakyo-ku, Shimogyo-ku, Ukyo-ku and Yamashina-ku. I live in Sakyo-ku and as seen in the above picture is the Sakyo-ku view from Daimonji-yama.
Last weekend, I thought it was going to rain but fortunately it held off and when I woke up in the morning, the sky surprised me. The clouds cleared up and it was such fine day.
My dormmates and I decided to do some outdoor activities - so we went hiking up the Daimonji-yama. (Picture from left; Renato, Mena, Rashid, Honda-san, Andy and Cho).
We enjoyed the thirty-minute hike through the cool woods. Well dedicating the cluster of white mountain flowers to my blog readers. I like this picture alot because the solitary peaceful flower grabbed my attention but Cho argued that the picture gave a depressing mood.
Cho is one of my best friends in the dormitory. This Chinese friend of mine is very kind and a considerate friend.
Renato was seen here flying. Mena wanted to mimic the same but she slipped and fell and then hit her head (Ouch !).
At about 5 pm, we started hiking down the hill. We were all quite tired.
After hiking, we decided to eat sushi. It was a good treat. A good sunday outing !
Daimonji-yama is not just a hiking trail to the peak where one can enjoy the view of the city. Daimonji-yama has more to offer and for that, you have to read my future posting : The Daimonji-yama (August release).


arGlene said...

Hello Patrick! how are you feeling today? You really had a great time! Such fun there.

by the way, I really miss our chatting stuff so if you want to change your message box as I am, feel free to go about this site for a new one...

have a nice day! Ü

Anonymous said...

Ah cool! I have only been up there once! And it was a fine day.
Ai Ling

Acrix said...

The photo after Renato looks very summer! Haven;t been working out lately and feel bit guilty when looking at ur hiking photoz~ Gona burn more fats from now on!

snaars said...

Hi Patrick. I've been very impressed with your blog. I don't comment often, but I love your photos. Visiting your blog is like taking a few minutes out of the day to visit Japan! I hope you don't mind, on my own blog I placed a couple of links to yours.

Patrick Leong said...

arglene : hi. i am feeling better. i think i am suffering from allergic rhinitis - oversensitive immune system or other type of sinusitis. been having it since junior high - runny nose, sneezing, congestion and irritation in the nose. i am still thinking where to go this sunday.

ailing : i think i may even try hiking up during winter. or perhaps once during each season and see its difference.

acrix : burn out more fats ? are you kidding ? you need ? :P i must admit that hiking is not my passion but hiking can be fun at times.

snaars : thank you for your comment. i am enoying this blog too. i am learning alot about japan as well. i am glad you enjoyed reading the posts. link ? oh yes, please do. thanks again and i have linked yours to mine :P

emotionalistic said...

I am so envy of you. Everyday i see so many nice shots of beautiful places in Japan...i really wish i could go there one day. By the way, do you plan to settle down in Japan??

fish fish said...

daimonji is nice. ^_^ I like the flower pic too. Good focus.

Anonymous said...

Blame it to Bukit Jambul, I never feel like climbing Daimonji. So thanks for the nice pictures ;p

Why August?!


MengZ said...

wah...nice place, nice pics, nice ppl.
i wish to go in someday.

u have a great day in that great place,Doimonji.
so envy...

Anonymous said...

Your dear friend cho has long hair? why did she wearing a cap? because it was a lovely day and not seems to be hot though, methinks. She looks like a little princess in the picture btw.:) and you all went for sushi or you guys cook it on ur own? What happen to your blog post on March? you didn't seems to write on that mth itself eh?
1-8 Jan Blog Post:

1)The painting class still on? but then, when was the last time you got mad? so, have you draw then?

2)The 2 pic you send to Liliana are awesome! btw, what's the story/details of these 2 pic? what makes you so in love with e pic?

3)So, are you the big fan of Winter Sonata?

4)you look so smart and gorgeous with your sunglass in the picture...but then, why wear sunglasses since it'ws winter?

5)am pretty sure you know to ski very well? aren't you?

I am beginning to think, this is the reasons you don't have any plan to come back to homeland..since you seems to be getting along with Japan/Japanese very well.

Till then, am catching up the next blog post. This weekend am gonna stay at home and spend time with so exhausted for a few, stuff and many more. I wish you to have a great and awesome weekend..and enjoy aside study..but study is important ok?:)


Patrick Leong said...

emotionalistic : settle down in japan ? i am not sure. now i see that i will still be here for another three years. i dont know if i can get a job here. but i'd like to stay in europe.

fish fish : hey. thanks. for your information, i am moving house end of this month.

nitetraveler : because there is a festival related to the daimonji. :P

mengz : sure you can make a visit here one day. yes i think japan is a beautiful country to visit especially during spring and autumn.

charlene : it is a pink cap. it looked good on her. that day i broke cho's glasses. she didnt want me to fix it (send for repair) therefore i am buying her sushi (two times). i feel really bad. 12 of us went for sushi that day. march ? i was away for three weeks - one week in malaysia and two weeks in europe. and the last week i was in hokkaido for conference.


1. the painting class is still on but i stop attending it after two lessons. i dont really like ink painting. i just learnt the basic techniques. i dont easily get mad but sometimes disappointed with myself and some friends. drawing is not my only past time hobby. i love photography, traveling and listening to music as well. and swimming.

2. not really a story there but that few weeks i was just in some mood to painting flower pictures. i like the sunflower picture alot because i didnt expect it to turn out 'good'. i mean quite nice for my own satisfaction. :P


4. that sunglass ? just for pictures. covering my ugly eyes.

5. i have done both skiing and snowboarding. i can ski better. i prefer to ski actually. snowboarding is difficult and i fall alot and it hurts.

i like to come back to malaysia if there is some companies that can offer me great job with great $$$ and apparently there is none. so i have to search elsewhere.

mrkiasu said...

I really like the Renato flying picture that you took, what a great shoot. The more i read,the more i wanted to go holiday in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Patrick,

a) what type of music do u like?
b) what material you used when you done painting flowers? i meant it's awesome..! you know how to painting a picture of a beach?..meh, me too much asking..
c) why did you said you have an ugly eyes?
d) what would be your job title after graduated?


Patrick Leong said...

mrkiasu : well, hopefully you can visit while i am still in japan. then i can show you around.

charlene : i like pop rock and slow pop i guess. recently i am listening to coldplay and rob thomas. both i like. i usually use water color or poster color. i think i can paint anything (except portrait) when i have mood to paint. moody artist here. ugly eyes ? just kidding. i dont mean i have beautiful eyes ... job after graduate ? scientist i guess.

zbjernak said...

nice day yah...
there is nothing more perfect then an outing with your gang of friends on a fine day...

nice and wish i can have it back here too....

bet u had a wonderful time...

pamela said...

VERY nice pictures..! have sent your page to a friend of mine who wants to go to Japan =)

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : yea. it is good to go outing with friends. my mood was terrific that day.

pamela : when your friend is coming ? there is a BIG festival in kyoto mid of next month. if he/she needs more information, do not hesitate to contact me. i live in kyoto and 'quite' familiar with visiting places in the kansai region.