Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My New Room

Life has been really busy lately. I have been busy packing. First, I have to move to a new laboratory in the main campus, which is good news. Now, I no longer have to commute an hour by train in order to get to school (previously my lab is located in the branch campus) and in addition, I can make myself stay in bed and laze till 8.30 am. Second, I decided that I have enough of dorm life and started packing and moving on for a new apartment. And I found one.
In Japan, the size of a room is typically measured by the number of tatami mats (a traditional Japanese flooring). The size of a tatami mat is 90 cm by 180 cm. The size of my new room is approximately 6 tatami mats. I moved in last night. Although the bed isn't as comfortable as the previous one, I had a good sleep (perhaps I was really tired). I always wanted a right poster art for my room. I bought this one during my vacation in Italy last March : Il Ghetto di Venezia.
Several of my dorm friends helped me with the moving yesterday. Although there weren't many things, but it was quite tiring to move from one 4th floor to another 4th floor. Many thanks to Rouen, Eddie, Qoo, Kim and Niels and dorm office staffs (including house parents).
The romantic shower room. The bathtub is really small - only very little movement is possible. One can sit upright and soak in the tub and relax. It is not a two person soaking tub ! A fat man would probably get himself stuck if he attempts to sit inside the tub.
I probably won't use the kitchen often. Because I rather eat out or have someone to cook for me. I am too lazy to prepare my own meal.
The laundry room. Another good news. At least I don't need to get a washing machine.

I quite like the room - good price and good location. It is just five minutes by bicycle to my lab. And I only have to pay 33000 yen monthly. Just a short post. I will try to find time to write again this week.


Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone I know is moving into tht apato. Now I have around 5 ppl I know living there! But you are right, it is a good deal. A whole lot cheaper thn wht I am paying for mine now. But still, I like my room eventhough it is like a damn sauna now!
Ai Ling

Anonymous said...

thank you for introducing me to HdB. hope u will be happier living your life at your new place.

Acrix said...

When i first come to kl, i find it so xciting to commute abt half an hr or more to uni. BUt now, kinda tired of it d and how i wish i;m living at the apartment opposite to my uni~ The shower room made me think of love hotel :P Imagine having a transparent bowl type of bath tub in ur shower room~

arGlene said...

congrats on your new place. finally you have finished all you had to do. you seem to have a nice place there. i simply liked the way you set your bed and the draperies. and you have a clean room too. that's nice! it's really fulfilling to finally dwell on a place you'll be staying for long. have happy memories there PAT! Ü

Primrose said...

Wah, like that call "not many things" ah? *giggle* You should take a look at MY room but cosy. How long will you be occupying this place, you reckon?

Eddie said...

now i see my table... looks much beatiful in other people's room..haha
But.. u miss the photo of the post box (always full with unwanted advertisement, and the C*nese, always dump it on the floor, this is not Mainland la...), and the parking lot.. i wonder who is the arse who use his ass to park the bic... blocking the way out ..after all 33 000 yen .. i cant complain much. *mute*

emotionalistic said...

Hhmmm....seems like you have all you need in your room. Are you gonna be permenant there?? Else, i really dont know how are you gonna ship back those stuffs :P.

Patrick Leong said...

ailing : i anticipate this summer gonna be really hot. but at least, after the rainy season. so how much do you pay for your room ?

eaow : i think it is a good place. you should come and visit me when you have time.

acrix : living so near to school in not good either. for your case it is different because you only have to attend lectures and lab. postgraduate students work all the time in the lab. self planned research. when one stays near to school, he/she tends to work till midnight. very unhealthy. when home is one hour away from school, you excuse yourself to leave for home earlier.

arglene : yes. done with the room. still adapting to the new lab. still busy. but at least i will give myself a break this weekend. and going for movie tomorrow - war of the worlds.

primrose : alot of things meh ? cosy ? your room or my room :P ? i am now PhD 1st year. so at least 2 1/2 more years. i will still be around. so when are you visiting me and fish fish ? fish is graduating next march - Dr Fish Fish.

eddie : yea. thanks for the table. i really like it. i still feel 'paiseh' that i am getting it for free. i belanja makan one day. yea. i haven't the time to clean up my postbox - stack of flyers. i still need you to brief me when, where to throw rubbish. do we have to separate combustible and non-combustible ones ?

emotionalistic : no permanent. i think i will stay here for two years. then i will move back to the dorm. stay one more year in the dorm before heading to some where to work. i think after staying out for two years, i will miss dorm life again.

Anonymous said...

47000¥....hati sakit
Ai Ling

Acrix said...

So does this mean that ur gona be working late in the lab from now onwards? If i happen to move to the apartment near the uni, surely i;ll be dota-ing and mamak-ing everynite :P Gona get a thicker lens and pot-belly by then!

zbjernak said...

wah almost Rm1000 per month woh..only for room? kitchen is public?

so the toilet is personal or shared??

Patrick Leong said...

ailing : yea. 47,000 yen is quick expensive. i assume your room is bigger than mine ?

acrix : i anticipate that i will be working late in the future. i am still trying to adjust to new lab. to do phd, i think we need alot of dedication to the work. i find that i lack such dedication. searching for motivation and need to sharpen my mind.

zbjernak : there is a small kitchen corner for cooking. and also a mini shower room. because the shower tub is so small, i never fail to hit my elbow whenever i am body shampooing (i hope there is such a word). japan cost of living is extremely high (3 times of malaysia). my place is considered cheap.

fish fish said...

Patrick, now only I noticed the bathroom really quite small ler~ Wai Wai last time one even worse. You shoul really see it.

obachan said...

WHAT?!?! Six-tatami-mats room plus kitchen and unit-bath type bathroom, and it's only 33,000 yen per month!!??!!?? And the nice laundry machine and dryer?!
AHHHHHHH...!!! I'm all green with envy!!

Gates said...

Hey there

Even I live alone. Saw some pictures of ya room. Have a look at mine...

A little messy :-)

Patrick Leong said...

fish fish : yea. the unit bath is quite small. but luckily i am not fat.

obachan : i quite like the room. the price is good as well. but there are tenants who are quite inconsiderate when using the laundry machine.

gates : thanks for leaving a comment. your room look spacious. my is kinda compact cubical.