Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Aso-san Part Two

The desert-like appearance around the crater of the volcano, in some fact may appear barren, gray and lifeless, but the rest of the landscape inside the caldera is another world of beautiful green.
The grassy meadow of Kusa-senri within other flattened volcanic crater - this area with sufficient surface water from the two lakes is suitable grazing land.
Beautiful picture of the lake and the way the mountain reflects. Unspoiled and tranquil.
At the far end, Naka-dake emitting occasional puffs of smoke.
The volcanic caldera is surrounded by fertile agricultural land, home to numerous farming villages.
The perfect cone of Komezuka (translated as rice mound), another extinct volcano.
Traveling by bus - scenery here can be quite spectacular. Enjoying such scenery is a perfect way to spend the morning - lush of meadows, grazed by horses and cattle - so peaceful.
Holy cow ! The cow is seen here peeing (peeing alot actually, shown here is just the ending. I was too slow with my camera).
We could have traveled back to Beppu. But since we bought ferry ticket departing from Shin-moji Port (at the northern tip of Kyushu Island), the journey from Aso-Kumamoto all the way to the terminal was long and a dreadful one.
Shin-moji (Kita-kyushu) - Osaka Nanko International Ferry Terminal (4340 yen one way).
Kyushu (Beppu and Aso) - a perfect place for relaxation and is blessed with abundant nature.


ODD said...

great piccys love the one with the two cows in it.

zbjernak said...

i love the pic with 3 humans who look so tiny walking on the field...

the refelction is cool,
the mini lake and the meadow grass

lovely...doesnt look like japan yah


Melissa said...

Great shots of the lake, and I love the softness of the rice mound shot...but you have to get rid of those damn power lines (wires)! They`re everywhere!

Lrong said...

Was at Asosan too... as you said, the views were spectacular... especially when it turned misty...

Patrick Leong said...

yup the plains of kusa-senri (overall aso as well) does create an especially beautiful landscape. one can enjoy horse riding too, and during winter, skiing.

zbjernak : did you know mountains dominate japan's landscape, covering 70 - 80% of the country ? these mountains used to be barriers to transportation, therefore now in japan, you can see many long tunnels and some massive bridges. today many of these mountains are preserved as national parks (e.g. aso-kuju national park).

melissa : oh that picture !! i took it while inside the train. i purposely had those wires in the picture. :P

Anonymous said...

NIce nice.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP ! i thought u said the picture of the cow peeing was disgusting..

Sidney said...

Nice landscapes!
And the weather was nice. It was rainy season when I was there.
I have better memories of Beppu.
It so long ago that I visited those places that I forgot most of the names.

Melissa said...

Oh! Sorry...Just wondering...Why did you want them in the picture?

Patrick Leong said...

ai ling : thanks.

eddie : on normal basis that was quite disgusting. how was cow peeing ? you saw it yourself. i have never seen a cow pee and this is first time. there was so much water splashing and spilling out. i read somewhere that cow urine touted as cure-all in india. one can now buy lotions, potions and pills to cure anything from cancer to hysteria to piles — all made from cow urine or dung. cow dung toothpaste, anyone ?

sidney : that is also one of the reasons why i started picture blogging. so that i still know and remember the names of places i visited after many years later :P

melissa : weird right ? to remind myself that i was in the train that time :P