Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fisherman's Market Kobe

Nearby Kobe Harbourland, there is a mosaic-like effect shopping and gourmet food mall. Vicky and I had dinner in the Fisherman's Market.
Welcome to Fisherman's Market Kobe !
All-you-can-eat seafood buffet : 2800 yen / person.
Large selection of seafood (sushi, chilled shellfish, fried seafood appetizers and entrees and more) plus pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salad bar.
First serving. Soup (tomato-base with fishball) and seven varieties of salad (e.g. smoked salmon, tuna sashimi, caesar salad and etc).
Second serving. Huge crab legs and other fried seafood appetizers. Pizza and pasta.
Third serving. All-you-can eat prawns. Clams and oysters. Yum yum. I love carbonara pasta. It is never worth to eat buffet. I know that I could only eat this much. Sometimes I just try so hard and continue gabbing the food, continue eating and so much damage to the body (overfeeding of the body in a single meal).
Fourth serving. Here I go again. Dessert and cakes. Oh, I have eaten too much. We must go !
Last serving. Burrppp ! Pathetic I know ... four scoops of ice cream.
The seafood buffet was just ok. Nothing splendid but the staffs were quite friendly. The restaurant was a little crowded (weekend nights probably). Canary Wharf vs Canary Warf (hhmmm).
The many empty cans of clams.
The 108 metre high Kobe Tower at night.
kobe harbourland
The giant ferris wheel and the classy MOSAIC shopping mall at night - notable tourist promenade. Really cool spinning bright lights from the ferris wheel and the way it reflects on sea water.
Click here : Shop Guide to Mosaic Kobe Harbourland (in japanese only).
Kobe has strived to recover from the tremendous sorrow and damage by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. The city has moved forward with renewed vitality. Kobe now presents a contrast between the old and the new, providing a colourful way of life and enjoying a reputation as an international port city where people from both Japan and abroad love to live (seen here is a painting of the Old Harbour).


zbjernak said...

wah wah wah
so delicious and so tempting...
4 rounds and you stop?

but ur four round also quite a lot lah the portion

their english really sucks? somemore print so big..warf

the night scene is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I think ur best pciture ever, the tower and the campbell.

Ed said...

Very American-looking. You're making me hungry with the plates of food. I love seafood. BTW, this might sound kind of ignorant but is Kobe where the Kobe beef originated?

Sidney said...

Yummy! Looks great food.
I agree very American looking !

Lrong said...

Gone are my days of gorging food in all-you-can-eat joints... but your stamina looked pretty impressive... shall be bringing three busloads of students to Kobe on 2nd November... waaaahh...

Amanda Brightwell said...

I'm allergic to seafood =(

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : i can never get my money worth at buffets ... although me trying to eat as much as possible at buffets - a typical kiasu trait :P

eddie : what about campbell ? you sound weird (gambatte) ??? are you ok ?

ed : oh .. two ed(s). yup. you are right. kobe beef is one of the top grade beef in japan. mainly four breeds raised in the hyogo prefecture. i have never been to a kobe beef restaurant (i think) despite living here for more than 3 years.

sidney : yea. i think that's how kobe is perceived by many - that it has an international flavor - yum yum :P

lrong : well. i was able to go on four or five rounds during that buffet session because i skipped breakfast and lunch that day. only had 3 little buta manju(s) before dinner. kobe is interesting. i have been there so many times and yet still not bored with it.

amanda : i am sorry to hear that. other foods ok ? peanuts ? eggs ?

Anonymous said...

sinful pics of the food. Seafood is one of my fav food! Now with all the birdflu, madcow disease and Nipah encephalitis virus in pigs, I might as well go seafood-tarian. Ah...but too expensive!!
Ai Ling

emotionalistic said...

Yum Yum~~~~ The seafood looks fresh and delicious. You ate all of them?

Anonymous said...

ganbatte in a sarcastic way... still dont get it?

Patrick Leong said...

ai ling : yea. food safety - a rising trend now.

emotionalistic : yes. i did. it was quite a torture at the end.

Jessica said...

I went here once!! They have alot of varieties, especially the seafood & desserts yumms. I went foor 4 rounds and almost can't get up from my seat. Definitely going there again :)

p/s: love the pictures :)