Friday, December 16, 2005

ASS - Aerial Sky Shots

It was sizzling hot this afternoon but glad there was a heavy downpour that lasted an hour or so and now cooler at night. Decided to do a post.

I have arrived home safely two days ago. The flight was pleasant. Exceptionally friendly and lovely stewardess.
The plane soaring in high and above cloudy sky.
A variety of cloud formations. Flying from Osaka to Kuala Lumpur (transit in Seoul) in fairly good weather conditions.
The sky above, and the view below.
Wanted to ask permission for a cockpit tour but then changed my mind. Wouldn't want to make cabin crew nervous and mistaken me for a terrorist or some sort of hijacker. Took more pictures of the earth view below. I have never before been so busy snapping picture in the plane.
Overall experience was good - fairly good price and good service too. All in all, I think you get what you paid for on Korean Airlines (although the movie inflight entertainment was not that great).


Anonymous said...

the person sitting next to you might think that you are crazy..hehehe

emotionalistic said...

Welcome back to Malaysia!! :)

Ed said...

Those are some nice aerial photos. I can't believe they served sushi.

Acrix said...

Haha, i think most ago is wat i called sizzling hot :P Now kinda ok with the frequent rain and so on~

from "" that korean air serves bibimbap. That's kinda cool~ So other than sushi wat option do they have? Nice aerial photo by the way. I like the one being stitched in four :p

Melissa said...

Glad you made it home safe! Hope you feel better soon!

I saw 'Sayuri' Friday and tried to write a post on it...I'd like to know what you think! You read the book, right?

zbjernak said...

wah the "view" below"
the one with the rivers....
branches...all over the terrain...
very beautiful leh

Primrose said...

And I am gonna say hello soon. :)

Jean said...

Ces photos prises d'avion sont merveilleuses ! Splendide !!

Patrick Leong said...

anonymous : no one was sitting beside me while flying from osaka to seoul. i was changing seats, walking along the aisle and looking for good ASS. however, the seoul to kuala lumpur flight was full. but it didn't matter because it was too dark for pictures that time.

emotionalistic : yep yep. i am enjoying my stay so far. looking forward to my new work, new home.

ed : why not ? i was flying outbound japan. i am surprised there isn't any kimchi. not even a bit.

acrix : there were a few nights which were quite hot. i was sweating alot. i will be going to batu caves next week. you want to join ?

melissa : ok. will check your blog later. yep. i read the book. and i prefer the book better. i will go and watch king kong tomorrow.

zbjernak : yep. it was quite difficult to take them. of course with some photoshop editing as usual - it became better.

primrose : i have my own cellphone now. i will call you and the rest later. lets go yumcha~

jean : thanks. i like them too.

Acrix said...

Thx for the offer. I heard my fren saying that the place is currently under renovation or so :) Ur gona be in KL for the whole of next week?