Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kobe Luminarie

Kobe Luminarie is held to commemorate the disastrous Great Hanshin earthquake (Hanshin-daishinsai) that rocked Kobe in 1995 and to celebrate the city's miraculous recovery afterwards.
Streets in the center of the Kobe city are beautifully decorated with millions of lights. It started at the end of year 1995, to boost the spirits of locals who experienced the earthquake in January that year.
A series of illuminated arches - a dazzling display of lights. The most impressive I would say.
Some grand display in a park nearby.
Luminarie is a word in Japanese, equivalent to the Italian expression 'Illuminazione per Feste' (Illumination for Festivals).
Because there was a strong desire for continuation after its conclusion, it has become an annual event since then symbolizing the hope of Kobe citizens.
But it seems now more like a Christmas light installation than anything else (since the event is held during december).
Some simple display of lights.
Colorful light reflection on a calm pool of water.
Not overly crowded despite a sunday. Apart from the light ups, we also enjoyed the food as well as taking pictures of street-side food stall (yatai).
It is worth the trip all the way to Kobe to enjoy the beautifully lit Kobe Luminarie. As for this year, the event started since December 9th and will be held until December 22nd.

Last post for the time being for sightseeings in Japan. I will move on. Heading back to Malaysia for good. More postings on Malaysia in the future if time permits.


noomai said...

Beautiful, Patrick! I think it looks better than the one last year. Too bad I probably won't have time to go see it myself this year, so i will just see off from yours ;-) Have a safe trip back home. Maybe see you next year (March) in KL!

emotionalistic said... is good that you have this blog to boost your beautiful memories back in Japan in the near future :). Does that mean that you are a Dr. now?

Jean said...

Ces photos sont fantastiques !!
Ces illuminations sont plus belles qu'à Paris !!
Merci pour vos comments !

Acrix said...

It;s for sure impressive :) The food looks more impressive to me coz kinda hungry now~ So maybe when ur back can find ya out for a meal or something :) U gona be stationed in KL?

Ed said...

Wow. That is an amazing light display. I wonder how much time and effort goes into something like that.

zbjernak said...

this superbly beautiful
bring streets decoration lighting to a whole new level

malaysia should learn from kobe...
some of our street decoration lights looks retarded


Sidney said...

Awesome! Impressive! Beautiful!
Wish you a safe flight back home and I hope to see pictures from Malaysia soon!

Eddie said...

you deleted my comment again !!
you are kiasu !!

Patrick will be a dentists

mmulibra said...

Why dentist?

Patrick Leong said...

noomai : i heard too from my friend that the design of the light display different from year to year. she told me last year was better. but since it was my first time - simply impressive. yep .. waiting for your contact next year - your visit to malaysia.

emotionalistic : yes. that's true. no doubt i have alot of pictures (printed ones) for some good memories. but this blog is also some sort of a diary. i hope i have time to continue blogging after work. i want to introduce malaysia to some of my japanese friends. i know i will be extremely busy with my new job.

jean : hi hi. i know eiffel tower too is beautiful at night when illuminated.

acrix : yes. thats good idea. lets meet some day. i will be stationed in johor bahru. i will probably back to kuala lumpur, once a month or so. for christmas, i will be at home.

ed : if i have more time, i'd have taken some pictures before the light up starts during late evening. i am sure such event needs much preparation.

zbjernak : i hope to see such event too in malaysia. japan is just so beautiful.

sidney : thanks. wasn't been able to sleep well the past few nights. been down with a bad cough.

eddie, mmulibra : when one doesn't become a doctor, eddie just assumes that he becomes a dentist. just that simple. take care both of you.

月姫 (Tsuki Hime) said...

You got a very beautiful moments of time to live in Japan, Pattrick!

So sad that I couldn't say good bye to you the day you left.

Good Luck friend and don't forget to travel and relax before go back to the real (job) world.

Take care.