Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dilbert & Blog

I have just come back from the south today. The past few days, I have been busy shopping - not so much of christmas shopping but car shopping, home entertainment and other bedroom stuff. Two weeks counting and I will start my new job. Met some of my new colleagues and saw my new workplace. Cool. Pretty excited.

Just another short post. What's your favorite comic ? Dilbert is one of my favorites. The comic strip sometimes focuses on practical business issues and at the same time some good jokes.


Beware if your blog is related to work. Some workers have been fired because of their blogs. Firing people because of their blogs can be somewhat unreasonable unless one inadvertently reveal confidential information. Additionally, I don't think it is wise to publicly complain about company, co-workers and bosses.

There will not be talk about work in my blog. It will still be a travel blog. Boring .. yeah .. I know.


Anonymous said...

did u get the comic copyright before publishing?

Lene said...

It's unethical to blog about work really. But sometimes I really can't help it. But I'm REALLY trying not to. =)

I miss our email sessions Pat. And I wonder about Charlene. Happy holidays! =)

zbjernak said...

in case i aint login to the net during the weekends...
merry christmas to u and wishing u all the best...


Acrix said...

Merry X;mas! For me i can;t really blog bout my prof or lecturer coz one of them get to read my blog and yeah, it;s no longer safe to just voice out wat's in my mind~

emotionalistic said...

Yeah...i heard a lot about that too. That's why i never complain about work in my blog....just to be safe :). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!!!

Primrose said... familiar... I so agree with you.