Saturday, March 18, 2006

FGS Dong Zen

Have you been to the FGS Dong Zen ?

Dong means East, and Zen means ‘a tranquil mind’, so Dong Zen means ‘a tranquil mind in the East’.
FGS temple
Besides being a monastery, Dong Zen is also a cultural and educational centre. It houses a Buddhist college, one of 16 in the world set up by FGS. Fo Guang Shan (FGS) is a Chinese Mahayana Buddhist monastic order that has gained a worldwide presence and is one of the two largest Buddhist monastery and largest charity association in Taiwan (Tzu-Chi being the other).
The Dong Zen Buddhist Monastery was set up in 1994. It is situated in Kuala Langat, which is about 100 km west of Kuala Lumpur. The setting of the monastery is serene and quite picturesque.
During the recent chinese new year festive season, thousands have flocked to the monastery to enjoy the flower show and the lanterns light up.
Part of the beautiful landscape garden - the face of Quan Yin.
A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat or fish. They only eat vegetables, fruits and grains. But a vegetarian can also appreciate a good fake meat menu. Fake chicken, anyone ?
Despite the big crowd, the visual beauty, soothing sounds from chanting bells and the cooling effect from the pond - some sort of medicine for the soul.
A beautiful statue - the many hands and heads of one chinese god.
The temple was beautifully lit up that night. No wonder the sleepy town of Jenjarum has become a pull factor for tourism these days.
The temple was decorated with yellow and red lanterns. This year, the event (held annually) has drawn some hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors from other regions to visit the monastery.


Jean said...

Ces photos ne sont que des images , mais elles transmettent la grandeur du Bouddhisme .
Merci pour ces belles photos !

zbjernak said...

wow...u went
i was not there this year...
it does look good on the pictures...

the plce indeed is quiet and serene...
peaceful little town

Amanda Brightwell said...

Love the shots, and glad to see your post!

Anonymous said...

Nice nice...glad to know you are back on regular posting schedule. You had gotten your internet already?
Beautiful place and sad to say, as a Msian I didn't know this place existed! *0*
Ai Ling

Acrix said...

Waoh, din hear of it before :P Looks nice from ur photos~