Monday, March 27, 2006

Singapore Zoo

Over the weekends, I visited the Singapore Zoo with a colleague of mine. It was a good trip despite slight rain.
SQ Zoo5
Hailed as one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, the Singapore Zoo takes visitors on jungle journeys.
One can hop onboard trams for a fee and enjoy the scenic view of the 28 hectare open Zoo but, we decided to walk.
SQ Zoo4
Elephants at Work and Play show - these soft-hearted giants are just incredible. I have enjoyed more of the Wonders of the Wild show. The aerial feats of primates and the aquatic brilliance of sealions were highly entertaining.
SQ Zoo1
It is all TIGER business !! Oppss ... pee pee or poo poo ? The majestic white tigers are a symbol of strength and power to many.
SQ Zoo2
Cat Country - A face-to-face encounter with a big cat such as cheetah, leopard, puma and jaguar. Cheetah - best known as the fastest land mammal.
SQ Zoo3
Primate Kingdom - Six large and two small moated islands which house several species of attractive monkeys. So many monkeys.
SQ Zoo6
Fragile Forest - One can enjoy the company of fluttering butterflies. A journey through a rainforest. Nice.
SQ Zoo7
Others such like the white rhino, camel and many more. Below are the few pictures that I really like.
SQ Zoo8
How you can help. Of course, your donation will help provide the finest home possible for them.
SQ Zoo9

SQ Zoo10
Independent and resilient, some of these natives have learned to survive in extremely harsh conditions, such as the Afar areas where temperatures often soar above 50 degrees Celsius.
SQ Zoo11
In the wild, Bengal White Tigers are found exclusively within South Asia, notably in India.
SQ Zoo13

SQ Zoo12
Proboscis Monkey - The most distinctive trait of these monkeys is the males' large protruding nose. Female proboscis monkeys prefer big-nosed mates. The Proboscis Monkey also has a large belly, as a result of its diet.
SQ Zoo15

SQ Zoo16

It was a tiring trip. But overall it was my first trip to Singapore in a long time. Nice place. Reminds me a little of Japan. Foreigners everywhere !


zbjernak said...

how come like ur singapore zoo and mine is quite different
coz there are a few animals which i never see at all!!!!!!!

yah... u r right... it is one of the best... lovely and cool...surrounded by water...

how bout those zoo in japan? any better?

i been only to sydney, KL, and singapore zoo...and i still think singapore zoo is better...

my 1pic4all have butterflies too...

Anonymous said...

been to Singapore Zoo like ages ago. But I remembered the bird park. Damn nice.

Acrix said...

The animals look more healthy than those i;ve seen in ZOo NEgara here :P The butterfly photos are nice~

月姫 (Tsuki Hime) said...

Hi Pattrick,

I am in Thailand now...So hot! Thank a lot for the earing..

Take care,


Primrose said...

I haven't been to Spore zoo. Whenever I'm down south, it's always shopping. :) How often do you trip down to Spore?

Eddie said...

hi there. at last, safely back in Japan. thanks for your "an nai" in JB.

Melissa said...

HAhahahaha Japan! Foreigners everywhere! hahahah!

Oh right...You lived in Kyoto, you city slickerkp!

Hisashiburi! Looks lovely! Great pix! Love those white tigers (^-^)/