Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Atomium, Brussels

Built for the 1958 International Exhibition of Brussels, the 102-metre tall Atomium monument represents an iron crystal molecule magnified 165 billion times.
After more than a year of renovation work, it is now reopened and will give visitors brand new experience - special journey through the spheres.
The structure stands on three enormous bipods and it has nine large spheres joined by tubes.
Planned originally to last only six months, the Atomium was not intended to survive the Exhibition of 1958.
But its popularity and success, however, it has now become a major landmark of the Brussels skyline.
The original faded aluminium sheets on the balls were replaced with stainless steel. To help pay for renovations, the old aluminium has been sold to the public as souvenirs.
The Atomium, which had been closed to the public since October 2004 was re-opened on 18th February 2006. It has become as if like the Eiffel Tower of Brussels.

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