Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Electrabel Night, La Grand-Place

A project of the City of Brussels and Electrabel (a Belgian based energy corporation), the Electrabel Night - a magnificent sound and light show in the city hall of the La Grand-Place.
At night, visitors are free to visit the Christmas Market full of wonderful hand made arts and crafts and Christmas decorations. And not forgetting a couple of glasses of mulled wine to keep you warm (I have not tried that yet though).
During the show, part of the pre-christmas celebration, the walls of the buildings are served somewhat the canvas. It was amazing - during the night, the place just glowed and it was magical.
Combinations of different colours.
It gave a cheerful atmosphere despite slight rain (It was bad weather over the weekends in Brussels). Visitors were admiring the show of music and lights.
Earlier mentioned, the tower was not in the middle - the right wing is somewhat shorter.
I was amazed and I couldn't help to wonder if I have stumbled into the twillight zone.
La Grand-Place, I was there in the afternoon, the first day I visited Brussels. I was there the night for the Electrabel light show. And I was there again the next day for ... hmmm ... Belgian chocolates.

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zbjernak said...

the lights are beautiful