Monday, December 04, 2006

Volkswagen Demo in Brussels

Thousands of people demonstrated in the Belgian capital in the show of unity to protest big job cuts at Volkswagen.
The European biggest carmaker said last week it planned to stop making its best-selling Golf in the Brussels plant to cut costs - a move that will cut nearly 4,000 jobs.
Rumours that the carmaker plans to build a new small Audi model at its plant in Brussels may help to safe jobs.
Or the facility may be re-tooled for some other work and lay off may end up with some sort of compensation settlements. However, Volkswagen declined to comment on such plans.
The announcement has prompted workers in Brussels to strike since November 17, 2006, and the action is set to continue this week.
Well layoffs are often necessary for a business to become profitable again. Today the layoff of an employee won’t damage the worker’s resume, but is now just an unpleasant fact. Clearly, a worker isn’t at fault when you lay him off. While it is no longer a disgrace, a lay off is still hard on everyone.

And ... the Volkswagen's Brussels plant is the city's biggest employer. Tough isn't it ?

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