Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Something to Talk About Part 1

Life is like a box of chocolate ... hhmm ... perhaps life is like a harbor and friends are more like boats - they come and they go. We all know why friends are important but life is kinda fickle sometimes. And self interest is so powerful and assertive that may drive friends away. Making friends can be quite a difficult task especially when one does not have a pleasant personality.

Do you make friends for the wrong reasons ? Sometimes things can go very wrong and we ended up mixing with the wrong type of friends. And too often we don't realize. There is no reason not to be grateful. No punks, no cheats, no drug addicts. And I have all the beautiful friends I needed. Life is indeed fickle at times and I always wanted more.
Do you consider yourself outgoing or shy ? I have a really good friend (top picture) who is never too shy to be himself. Does he remind you of ANYONE ?

If you are shy and quiet, do you feel awfully painful being with the popular and the noisy (blabbermouth) ?!? Yea, sometimes we do, right ? And how often do you tease your friends for fun ? Well, what good are friends if you can't tease them ! So formal, so polite ... and that can be really boring (well, don't start teasing me in my blog. OK !!). : P
Some of my friends are camera-shy. Well, they knew well that their pictures will most likely end up in my blog (therefore hesitated). She is one of my best friends in Japan. How many best friends do you have ? Life is like a harbor and friends are more like boats. Friends come and friends go. But friendship does not need togetherness. They are the little footprints that live in the heart.


Acrix said...

For me, i dun think i have lotsa fren and i;m not that active in making frenz :) I:m more anti-social and i trust myself more than my frenz~ As for teasing, yeah we sure do it to the max most of the time :P More like insulting each other in a fun way! Haha~

Eddie said...

the picture look like my friend
His name is AH Fu

Elisa said...

I have few real, but good friends ;) though my character is rather sociable and it is not difficult to me to know and to converses with strangers ... maybe because in my culture the things be different, more spontaneous, maybe it makes it easier ;)

Whom his friend looks like??? i not know . But ...your friend is a very pretty ;) jejejee

Primrose said...

Best friend, one. Good friends, maybe three. Acquintances, everywhere.
I wrote this before:
People around you are like the seasons,
They spring on you when you least expect them
They warm you up
They either fall for you or rain on you
They make an impact in your life
Perhaps leave a footprint or two
...and whoosh! They leave

~AnGeL~ said...

ahh... the photo.. a fren who left his footprint in my heart.. :)

Eddie said...

patrick deleted one of comment again
No freedom of speech!

ODD said...

Personaly I have one freind who I would do anything for, who supports me when things are bad and I do like wise.
I have people who are mates but they are not best mates.
I'm very sociable and will talk to almost anyone, I get on with almost every one too. Think what I'm trying to say is I go for Quality rather than quantity.

zbjernak said...

true true..
wht are frens for when u cant tease them....yell at them...hit them...and laugh at them and also abusing them...


thts the best part of fren...casual and free as it can be
no formality

Patrick Leong said...

actually i am glad that i have a lot of good friends. i have quite a number of good friends in japan. many in malaysia. i am happy to have them .. they lend a listening ear (i am quite a blabbermouth myself ... just like to talk and complain as well) and they pour praises and encouragement from time to time. yea .. i don't like formality too in friendship in the sense that we act not ourselves. and friendship is a give-and-take relationship. and i know sometimes i just ain't give enough. i hope all of us find good quality friends.