Saturday, November 26, 2005

47th November Festival

The university hosts a variety of activities for alumni, parents, students and the general public from time to time. The Kyoto University November Festival (京都大学十一月際) is to raise money to financially support club activities. The festival started a few days ago from the November 23rd till November 26th.
Student organizations set up food stalls and try to make business from it. There are alot of vendors and alot of food.
On the first day itself, hundreds of students attended the festival and we made our way through the crowded walkways. Festival-goers ate, drank and listened to music. Lively it was.
The festival is open to the general public. Apart from fund raising, it is also to provide some sort of publicity for the university.
One of the most happening spots on the festival day, on stage students seen here doing some juggling demonstration and performance.
A group of students singing acapella and entertaining the crowd.
From food to nice performances and then fun games as well. Here two persons each make a fist. Well, the famous hand game of 'rock, paper and scissors'. If the player wins five consecutive times, he/she will receive 10,000 yen as a reward. She won three out of five and won a teddy bear instead.
Poor kids ! In this game, players throw balls of soft dough towards the board hoping that it will strike one of those faces !
One can also make money - students sell goods that are second-hand. But it is really hard to make money when the goods are cheap.
But after all, there isn't any market fee required. Students wishing a place must arrive early to reserve it in advance.
I went to the festival with Eddie and Roeun (right). Bumped into Andy (left) and Ueda-san (middle). I had a great time - the 47th Kyoto University November Festival.


Sidney said...

Very good journalistic coverage of this event! Nice pictures!

Acrix said...

Nice post. How much izzit for each throw of the soft dough ball? Just kinda curious, how come u take the photo all in black and white :P

zbjernak said...

open day...
we called it in malaysia

worse... it could be HARI KANTIN as we used to have during secondary scholl days


nevertheless... interesting and nice...

Patrick Leong said...

acrix : i am not sure about the price for each game. probably 200 yen for a few sticky dough balls. as for why i took the pictures in black and white mode, hmmm ... just for a change.

zbjernak : it was fun to see so many people. i enjoyed particular the singing and some other performances. i just had a can of beer. i doubt the food was good. maybe just some.