Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Over the Weekend

What I did just over the weekends ... went out and took pictures around the neighbourhood. Met a friend from Nara and walked inside the university compound.

Autumn is, without a single doubt, my favorite season of the entire year. The cold that arrives after the hot and humid summer, you start to sense that the world is sort of slowing down for the year - the cold of relaxation.
And you start to notice the leaves changing colors. Autumn weather conditions favoring the most spectacular color displays are warm sunny days and cool, but not freezing, nights.
A few hard frosts can cause the leaves to wither more quickly and drop to the ground.
Over the weekends, many people just work on and enjoy their own outdoor painting projects. Perhaps I should have one done too.
Some people enjoy the first signs of yellow. Others prefer the crazy mix of colors when orange pops out. And some say the deep reds and purples of late fall are their favorite. Hold your breath and watch, the best pictures yet to come.
Historical Exhibition Room (Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall) - archives' documents and pictures on the history of Kyoto University are available for reading to the public.
The ground plan of Kyoto University in 1939.
One of the exhibits - an old style of student dormitory - geshuku.
The Clock Tower - the most notable structure of the Kyoto University campus. It was designed by Goichi Takeda, the university's first Professor of Architecture, and completed in 1925.

Coming soon ... Kyoto University 47th November Festival.


zbjernak said...

very huge the compound...

always find outdoor painting interesting

but too bad...i m not a painter..i cant even draw a good looking human

Lrong said...

Kyodai buildings have 'character'... unlike my uni which is grey and bare...

Lene said...

Since it's your favorite season of the year, perhaps you can try painting outdoors for more inspiration. What do you think? =)

I'm fond of miniatures, thanks for sharing that of Kyoto University. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love sketching in the outdoors. I should do it more often. But now it is sooooo cold.....

Jean said...

J'adore les quatre premières photos ,surtout la quatrième .
I like very much this red and purples , this lines .

Sidney said...

Are you a student of Kyoto University?

Nice documentation of your surroundings!

Acrix said...

Seldom see people do outdoor drawing here :P Is there any addition to the original buildings of ur uni? My uni is more or less like a shopping complex and nothing much to do during free time~

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : huge compound ? you mean the university ? what you saw was just miniature ground plan of the university in year 1939. shown is the main campus. kyoto university has mainly three campuses - yoshida (main), katsura (engineering) and uji (all sorts of graduate schools). i have never done outdoor painting. hhmm..perhaps just once when i was a kid. it was some sort of an art competition. i didn't win. well, if you can't draw a good looking man, you can always draw ugly ones. it is still art ! :P

lrong : kyoto university ... yea quite a nice place and good location - beautiful mountains and clean river.

arglene : i am also trying to enjoy as much this season. these days i always have my camera in my bag.

ai ling : yes. very cold. last night was probably only about 6 C. i have difficulty getting up in the morning - staying comfortable under my blankets during cold mornings.

jean : i like the fourth photo alot. it reminded me some wallpaper design. next week, i will be going to the katsura rikyu garden. people say it is pretty there during autumn.

sidney : yes. i am a student of kyoto university. i have been here almost 4 years.

acrix : of course, there are additions of new complexes. in fact, my lab is inside a new building. the main campus consists of 4 main compounds - main, north and south campuses and the medical schools (i think). next week there will be kyoto university 47th november festival. i will try to take pictures of 京大生 :P

Sidney said...

I thought that students at Japanese Universities had only time for study.
Or maybe you are so intelligent that it is easy for you!
So it is your last year? Do you already know what you want to do after the University?

Acrix said...

Will be anticipating the photo of 京大生 :) Addition to wat ur photographing, take some cute gal photo :P

Patrick Leong said...

sidney : well i think you have a totally wrong impression. probably you met with a bunch of nerds :P i used to live in a dorm (a mix of foreign students and japanese students living together). we partied alot. very good balance - we studied hard (i think) and played hard (all the time).

acrix : ok :P