Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aarhus - Capital of Jutland

The training trip concluded with some sightseeing in Aarhus - the second largest city of Denmark situated on the peninsula of Jutland.
The Aarhus downtown is perfect place for chilling out (various cafes and clubs in sidestreets) and enjoy the bustling street life, as well as for the shopping around.
This newly opened place by the small river running through Aarhus is indeed quite lively (and lovely) at night.
The Aarhus Theater built in 1900 - one of the many historical buildings in the city.
The Aarhus City Hall is made of concrete plated with 6,000 m² of marble. At the time of its erection in 1941, it was considered too modern, too democratic, and anti-monumental.
The two major old churches in Aarhus are the Cathedral (or Aarhus Domkirke) and the Church of Our Lady. The Cathedral holds the record of Denmark's longest church and the structure itself has a long history.
Another church in the city of Aarhus. Many churches in fact.
We went for late dinner at the Mackie's, a pizza restaurant located just minutes away from the hotel. The inside design of the restaurant was quite cool.
Unlike other hungry customers, we were probably too exicted with what was offered on the menu and ended up ordering almost a dozen of large pizzas for just twelve of us.
The pizza kept coming. And ... the topping (also we ordered way too many pizzas) was just too overwhelming (overloaded maybe a better word) that half of pizzas were left untouched.
The whole scene turned comedy and Janos just couldn't stop laughing.
We did put the pizzas in take-away boxes but no one wanted to take them home. At the end of the dinner, everyone felt sick of pizza.
The next morning, we gathered early to head back to Solingen. We were hoping for a quick stop-over at Hamburg for some sightseeing but request not granted.
In fact, just a quick stop-over for lunch.
Mushroom (or fungus) by the road side.
It has been raining and drizzling on and off the past few days and finally some good weather. Hopefully clear skies tomorrow as we are having a weekend excursion to Cologne.


Nightraveller said...

Aarhus City Hall! Damn I LOVE that design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie said...

wah, you still had time to photoshop your photos?
I like that Aarhus downtown by the river.. those glass building
Btw, how to pronoucne Aarhus? like arse hole?

Patrick Leong said...

nightraveler : hi hi, how are you ? it has been awhile since i last talk to you. how is your studies ?

eddie : you know. i always do some touch up. aarhus is not quite a big town but i do like the atmosphere. several giant food ingredient companies have their headquarters as well as manufacturing facilities set up in aarhus. but the cost of living here is darn expensive.

zbjernak said...

the night view of aarhus is awesome
lovely place to watch the world goes by