Monday, November 20, 2006

Cologne - Jewel of the Rhine

Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Cologne lies at the River Rhine and the city's world famous Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom) is one of the best-known architectural monuments in the country.
The Gothic church has been Cologne's most famous landmark since its completion in the late 19th century.
Cologne Cathedral is the church with the largest facade and remains the second-tallest Gothic structure in the world.
Part of the ornamented arch above one of the cathedral's entrances. Simply beautiful and some sort an aspiration to Heaven.
The Cathedral Treasury posseses a significant religious treasury, the origins of which reach back into the 10th century.
For the first time ever, in 1867, the collection was put out on public display, and in year 2000, the treasury was re-opened in a converted underground room or the sacred chamber.
A great number of antique ceremonial vestments of priests the Cathedral owns.
The cathedral treasury is famous for its large collection of golden objects with very elaborate designs, not to mention shrines of important of archbishops.
The library contains manuscripts from the ancient cathedral library.
The cathedral suffered 14 hits by World War II aerial bombs but did not collapse; reconstruction was completed in 1956.
There are a number of large Gothic, mainly early-14th-century stained-glass windows.
The Rhine River is one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe, and primary the longest river within Germany. A scenic cruise along the river is one of the popular must-do.
The Cologne Chocolate Museum, founded in 1993 takes visitors through an interactive experience of industrialization and invention of chocolates. The museum sits on the Rhine in an impressive ship shaped construction of glass and metal.
The museum also offers a quick introduction to the life and times of chocolate - a brief summary spanning the centuries and civilizations conquered by cacao.
Just for anyone in the mood for chocolate after the exhibition, the shop offers treats from renowned companies like Lindt, Sarotti, Hachez, Gubor and Rausch.
A 99 percent cacao chocolate bar - super chocolate debut from Lindt. Very strong cocoa I assume.
A picture taken in the Schokoladenmeseum Koln.
The monumental statue of David, the naked masterpiece outside the cathedral. Wonder why ...

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The only places I had been to in Germany are Frankfurt, Goettingen and another small town. There were lovely. But I was without my digital camera...damn. Enjoy yourself! And I am waiting to eat your killer chocolate! Am coming home in Dec for a month.
Ai Ling