Saturday, November 18, 2006

Juelsminde - The Denmark Visit

The ZDS course includes a training trip to two companies in Denmark. One located in Juelsminde and the other in Aarhus. It was a long and tiring trip by bus from Solingen.
Scenery along the way was beautiful. Modern windmill power generators in the middle of farmlands.
Although one of the smallest country in Europe, Denmark is in fact strong in some high-tech agribusiness. Some of the bigger names in the food industries are in fact Danish. Juelsminde, our first stop, is a small town on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula.
Juelsminde is somewhat a holiday village - there is a beach, a good place for swimming during the summer months.
Some of the pictures taken in the early morning before heading for the first factory visit.
At night, we had some great time in a local bar drinking Xmas beer - the special Danish tradition where various special beers are brewed and sold only during Christmas time.
I guess there is no need to describe further the use of such equipment.

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Anonymous said...

wah... you go there for training or holiday huh??/