Sunday, November 12, 2006

Guangzhou and Beijing

No Badaling Great Wall of China. No Forbidden City as well. No Foshan (in Guangzhou) where a museum dedicated to Wong Fei Hung (the Chinese RobinHood). It was a meeting customers and then off you go trip. And yet, it was quite an interesting introductory of the two cities.
The Guangzhou Subway System works based on a coin-shaped ticket pass. Interesting and somewhat creative.
Massage parlors in China (not only in Guangzhou, for this one that I went to) stand out in the sex service scene although massage is more meant to improve circulation and relieve tension.
Most restaurants in this street are open twenty-four seven. If you are a night owl, Gui Street in the city of Beijing, is a good place to spend the boundless night. Met a good old friend there for dinner after last seen him two years ago in Japan.
Beijing has a varied nightlife scene - cute girls, bad girls, shady guys, sound loud enough to make you deaf, kick ass security. Get your full Beijing disco experience.
I did not go the to best place for Beijing Duck, however did try out some other local cuisines.


bingo and betty said...


Eddie said...

one word for your china posting..
"su ge ". China is already ahead of Malaysia.

Patrick Leong said...

bingo and betty : thanks for comment.

eddie : china is booming the past few years and still booming. but guangzhou is still quite dodgy - slightly backward.