Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Good Bye David & Dudu

Tuesday night we had a farewell dinner in a sushi restaurant located in downtown Kyoto. David (after completion of his studies) and his girlfriend (Dudu) would be leaving for Taiwan the next morning. It was like the usual get together with good food and good conversation. When it was time to say goodbye, every one of us felt the same and it was hard to bye.
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After arriving home, the night was still young and I pondered for a while, looking back the months and remembering moments in time where friends came and left and the numerous farewell parties that I have attended. Many different thoughts flooded my mind. My mood was swinging, with occasional shifts to a reflective mood. I couldn’t tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. ‘As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is a last drop which makes it run over, so in a series of kindness there is at least one that makes the heart runs over.’

David and I have been friends for the past three years. Though we did not become best of friends but good friend enough to have a lasting friendship. My thoughts then shifted back and forth between different people. I thought of Liliana, my Honduran friend. She also returned home after graduation last month. She is what we have been missing in our dormitory. She has never shown any negativity in her – always cheerful and smiling. All other good friends that I have made – Sdenka, Isabela, Kanjana, E Kon, Verena, Nano and the list goes on. Will I ever meet them again ? I pondered over and over again.

Whether by strange coincidence
or divine guidance,
In the course of our life,
we cross paths with many people.
Some move towards us,
others move away.
Some we choose to remember,
others we choose to forget.
But with a special few,
we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact
on the other, and the
memory will live on forever.

I adjusted myself to become more relaxed. I came to realize that true friendship never fades or disappears, for the memories will always bring back the smiles.

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(Picture above : left, Liliana; middle, Nano and right, Kanjana)


Primrose said...

Strange as it may seem, friends are like footprints and they leave marks and impressions behind as they walk by you. And they are the splashes of your life. More often than not, I find myself pondering in silence too...

mrkiasu said...

I think you are very the lucky one. In my life until recently, all my friends come and go. Maybe i have a couple of good friends, but now they are all in different countries around the world.

arGlene said...

Friends will always be in your heart, with all the memories. No matter how far they are, friendship will lasts a lifetime through constant communication. :)

You are such a remarkable person Patrick, you'll have as many friends throughout the years.

Patrick Leong said...

There is a famous quote by Henry Adams, 'One best friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.' But I want to have many many best friends. Glad that primrose, mr kiasu and arglene are my new found friends. yeah.

nanmetta said...

.....Good Friends dont always need togetherness, dont always need everyday conversation. As long as the Friendship lives in the heart, it remains FOREVER :-))