Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Biwako O-Hanabi Taikai

Lake Biwa (known as Biwako), the largest freshwater lake in Japan, is located in the central of Shiga Prefecture. During summer, apart from the shrine and temple festivals, one can also enjoy various popular firework festivals throughout Japan. Fireworks have become a traditional entertainment for millions of japanese.
Firework festivals are always exciting. Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! OooH ! AhhhH ! The night sky is so beautiful !
Event : Biwako O-Hanabi Taikai (Biwa Lake Firework Festival)
Date : August 8th, 2005 (19:30 - 20:30)
Venue : Hamaotsu Waterfront Area, Shiga Prefecture
Total Launch Count : 10,000 fireworks
Biwako Hanabi1
The photographer (the monk!) was busy adjusting and setting up his camera.
Far mountain and stunning sunset view !


The start of the massive display. Big bang ! Big boom ! Bright flash ! WaaahhH !
Pop ... pop ... pop ... pop ... pop ... kabooommM ! Highly entertaining.
There are different kinds of firework display. Warimono (right) is classified as the typical chrysanthemum effect and meanwhile katamono (left) is the new style and new trend of firework display, whereby the shape very much depending on watching angle.
A close-up of the beautiful butterfly.
Some sort of a smoke bomb and lots of debris.
The three flowers of warimono.
This is the picture that I like most. Romantic.


A truly mystical extravaganza - giant showers of golden rain. A magnificent display of the finale.
In the past, firework performances were held for entertainment of the privileged class. Gradually, firework displays were held for the amusement of the common people and by the 18th century, they had become popular throughout Japan.

Check here : http://www.japan-fireworks.com/eindex.html

Well, because fireworks produces smoke that have heavy metal compounds and other toxic chemicals, some countries are against the use of fireworks, arguing that they cause major pollution.


arGlene said...

WOW! The fireworks are all beautiful, awesome, fantastic! Really love them! I really miss watching them live...sigh! :(

And the sunsets too, breathtaking!

I can say that these are my favorite pictures of all those you posted! he he

Melissa said...

So so?!? It looks like it was a great show to me! Maybe its just your awesome pictures! Gotta love the reflection of the lake! Nice sunset too! Oh! And thanks for checking out my blog!

Eddie said...

Patrick.. good job on your photo editing..
Other than contrast, color, hue adjusting, what else did u do?
I didnt edit my pic, just post it up

Anonymous said...

The war between you two is still going....
Ai Ling

Eddie said...

no war lar.. he told me in person

Patrick Leong said...

arglene : i was actually too busy snapping pictures. i looked at the camera screen more than i actually looked live at the display of the fireworks (sigh). the biwako firework festival launches 10,000 shells every year. one of the biggest firework festivals is the PL tondabayashi festival on august, 1st. 120,000 launches. i missed that.

melissa : yea. it is nice to watch firework at the lake waterfront. the crowd was big but i am sure not as many as the one you went.

ai ling and eddie : not war la. but i belum tunjuk belang, si kawan treats me sick cat :P

Sweepy said...

You are a lucky SOB to get to see the firework festival...I've never seen a display like that in Canada. I used to work in an amusement park, and one year, we had fireworks every night, they were weak...

Seeing your pictures sorta makes up for it, lol.

Acrix said...

Awesome photos! Did u use monopod or tripod? I still haven;t get to take any sharp firework photo like yors and my timing has been really poor~

zbjernak said...

you need good timing and skills to capture this beautiful pictures...
bravo patrick...very nice

the butterflw especially...it is somethign special...
anything like the LOTR 1st episode...the magical fireworks in hobbits land?

nice one...really like it a lot lah

Eddie said...

yo guys... dont u guys know that it takes hundred of snaps just to get a few nice (not so nice) photos that need to be doctored with Photoshop..?

Patrick Leong said...

sweepy : i have never seen a firework festival when i was in malaysia. there are plenty of them here now in the summer in japan. but i think i already have enough. did enjoy the fireworks but tired to be stuck in huge crowds.

acrix : yes, did use one abit 'cacat' tripod. like what zbjernak and eddie mentioned, need a good timing, right focus and good touch up using photoshop or whatever software available to you.

zbjernak : we are not that advance yet. firework display of hobbit land ! that would be cool.

eddie : yala. only you take hundreds of snap shots. by the way, i use irfan view for my pictures ... not so much of photoshop la. photo editing is another type of skill. stop teasing please .~(

Eddie said...

ok lar Patrick... next time dont load ur camera picture at my PC.. that is why the original look so different from the pictures u posted here..

Eddie said...

And i dont think it is a traditional entertainment to the Japanese!
(refer to the first line of ur writing)

Melissa said...

Awe...You used a tripod? I gotta get me one of those!

emotionalistic said...

I am speechless. All i can say is WOW!!! Good shots!!!

Patrick Leong said...

eddie : why not ? perhaps summer entertainment.

melissa : i was adjusting the camera (on tripod) in the second picture. it's me :P without the tripod it is quite difficult to get a nice picture (unless the hand doesn't shake too much :) what camera are you using now ? canon ?

emotionalistic : thanks. how is your new job ? adapting well ?

Melissa said...

Oh!You're the monk? Hehehe :) Now Im using a tripod-less Sony Cybershot, but I did manage to get a few decent shots from the Yodogawa Hanabi Takai! I blogged them, if you wanna check 'em out!

I dressed up as a Maiko during Sakura...those pix are on my blog too.They're in the June Archive, if you wanna see, but I warn you, ITS NOT PRETTY! :)

Amanda Brightwell said...

I've always loved firework pics...

Patrick Leong said...

melissa : well i did already mention in your blog. you take good pictures of the PL festival (despite without a tripod). and nice maiko outfit too. i bet many people would want to take picture with you that time.

amanda : yes. lovely.

emotionalistic said...

So far so good. Still couldnt get used to working life yet. I am always feeling extremely exausted when i got home.

fish fish said...

Patrick, I missed it!! But at least I get a bit of memories from last year by looking at these pics. Hey... they are one of the best Hanabi pics I've seen wor~ I didn't say this because I'm your fren ok. ^_^