Monday, August 22, 2005

Coin Laundry

How often have you been letting your mum wash your clothes ? And some of us are lazy to hand wash. Most college students are often too lazy to wash their own clothes. Some may just even wear their underwear inside out. When I was a college student, I was too lazy to hand wash my clothes and I sent them to the nearest laundry. How many of us actually like home washing, folding and ironing of clothes ?
Back home in Malaysia, my mum is the one who does the washing most of the time. How many husbands are actually willing to do so ? Laundry is just not a man's strength. The only thing men are good at laundering is money - all the cash that somehow ends up in the wash, along with pens, business cards and cell phones.
I don't remember seeing any self-service laundry in Malaysia. Is there ? In Japan, coin laundry washers / driers can be quite small compared to american laundrette. Bigger ones provide soap, meanwhile new washers contain soap. Such laundry facility will come in handy for travelers.
They have got collection of comic books (manga) here too. Many weekly manga are the thickness of a telephone book.
Depending on wash load, as for this shop, one pays either 300 yen (max 4.5 kg) or 400 yen (max 8.0 kg). As for the drier, 100 yen per 10 minutes drying time.


Wife : Did you remember to separate the clothes before washing them ?
Husband : Yes, of course I did. I put the whites at the bottom and the colors on top.


arGlene said...

my mom's been too considerate to wash my clothes everytime I failed to do so. otherwise, I am regularly washing my clothes with a machine not hand-wash. I enjoy washing clothes and folding after but not ironing. It's not only hurting to my hand but to my eyes as well.

I think these tasks are pretty domisticated and men are not accustomed to such BUT if they are, it's considered as gentlemanly and PLUS points. :)

my policeman-bf does these by himself inspite of his very busy schedule. he doesn't mind. :)

Primrose said...

*laugh* I like the joke in the end and the joke about what men are good in laundering. :)

Well, coin-operated machines were available at most university residences anyway. Used to like inserting coins and read a book while waiting. And then, put another coin into the dryer (together with softener sheets, so cool). I kinda missed that. Clothes get dried up immediately.

For now, I'll just press a few buttons on a machine and wala! Hang them on the lines under the sun after that. O_o

zbjernak said...

hahahha.... malaysia...rarely seen...but i know in UM there are...

i enjoy washing...but not ironing...


emotionalistic said...

I have just started doing my own laundry one month ago. It is not easy though. This is the disadvantage of being away from home. Sometimes i am just too lazy to separate the coloured clothes from the white i just put them into the washing machine together and pray that my white clothes will not discolour ;P.

Acrix said...

My mum is doing my laundry all this while and i;ll do mine only when she;s not around :P USually i dun seperate the clothings and wash all in one go :) Formal wears to be handwashed and for the rest, just throw all into washing machine using protective nets. Oh yah, i washed my lab coat together with my pens and eraser in it just now~ I suppose i;m a man by now :)

Patrick Leong said...

well, there are three types of wash that i hate most - wash car, wash toilet and hand wash clothes. i hardly hand wash my clothes. maybe once or twice a year. delicate fabric of some expensive clothing. i even put my winter jacket into the washing machine (well it is cold water / machine-washable). as long as there is a washing machine, life is simple. oh yes, depending on the wash load, i don't really separate the whites and the colors. seems ok.

fish fish said...

Tee hee hee... nice topic for this one. Like the joke at last. ;)

Eddie said...

What, Patrick used to wear underwear inside out??!! Walao...KUSAI!!!!!

Patrick Leong said...

fish fish : thanks. sorry for being late for lunch this afternoon. every time when i have lunch with you, i always seem rushing through the meal in order to get back to work again. sorry again.

eddie : underwear isn't something i talk about much .... duh !