Thursday, August 11, 2005

The 'No Wallet' Incident

Not my first visit to the Daimonji-yama. The hill offers a hiking trail to the peak where one can enjoy the view of the city.
At sunset. We were hiking up fast in order to catch the sunset. I could feel myself panting for air and dripping with lots of sweat.
A couple seen here enjoying the city view and watching the sun sets.
The view of the city - not the best night views I have seen but still a great view of the city lights below from atop Daimonji-yama.
More pictures of the Kyoto city. I guess this is nothing compared to the Hakodate (Hokkaido) night view which is considered as one of the best in the world.


We hiked down the dark trail. It was a bit spooky to me. Daimonji-yama is one for the five mountains in Kyoto where fires are lit during the obon season to guide the deceased ancestors back to the another world. And Obon is just around the corner. August is ghost time in Japan !


After hiking,
Patrick : Let's have dinner.
Anonymous : Where ? I don't have my wallet with me !
Patrick : I have. Let's eat near the north campus - Hiragana-kan.


In the restaurant,
Waitress : Your order, please.
Patrick : Grill ginger chicken.
Anonymous : Butter grilled chicken.
Patrick : Blah blah blah ..... wah .... my pictures quite nice .... blah.
Anonymous : Cheh, you edit your pictures .... blah blah.

Munch munch .... blah blah blah ....
munch munch .....blah blah blah .... blah.
Patrick : Mine is quite nice.
Anonymous : Salty lah my food. Soup so hot.

Patrick : Burp !

Patrick : Oh god, I don't have my wallet in my bag.
Anonymous : Don't play play lah.
Patrick : Really !
Anonymous : #&%@!!
Patrick : How ?!?
Anonymous : OK. You wait here, I go and get my wallet.
Patrick : No. You wait here, I go and get my wallet.


Anonymous said...

Why put anon, everybody knows who it is now.
Ai Ling

emotionalistic said...

Haha....why not do the dishes?? ;P

Elisa said...

jajaajajajajaj.... y finalmente quien consiguio el dinero para pagar?? Lindas tus fotos como siempre ;) Saludos!!

Sweepy said...

Hahaha, that's real bad luck! Did the manager blacklist you?

Patrick Leong said...

ai ling : everybody knows ? i thought only the kyoto bloggers (and friends) knew. did i leave a clue somewhere ?

emotionalistic : because in japan there are dish washers :P there was one occasion, i didn't have enough money and they don't accept credit card, at the end I have to leave them my student ID card and go withdraw cash from a nearby ATM machine. quite embrassing too.

elisa : one of our friends came to rescue.

sweepy : that's funny. the restaurant manager (cashier) probably did not know. we haven't asked for the bill yet that time when i discovered my wallet is not in my bag. but probably they have guessed.

zbjernak said...

kekekeek...yah got fren to save
but why no handphone?
why need to go and get?

oh...the night view is nicce...
but i think the day view even better...more details of the city below


i love your B&W restaurant picture...
very nice...i took some of those my early early posts...

fish fish said...

Wah~ so Da Tau Har~ Hey, that anon... E?

Anonymous said...

see! Most ppl can guess who anon is!

Acrix said...

U did leave the clue at the msg board :P Lovely nite view and wouldn;t it be bit lonely to see couple there but u only got a guy with ya ~

Melissa said...

Hehehe...Thats hillarous! blah blah blah you edit your pictures...Hahaha! Maybe if you were dressed like a samurai you wouldnt need a wallet!

Melissa said...

Oh! And nice shot with the cresent moon, sunset sky and city lights! Was there a tripod involved? :P

Patrick Leong said...

zbjernak : at first we didn't want to trouble anyone. but since our thai friend is living in the same apartment as us, might as well try our luck. actually the original picture that i took isn't black and white. it is photoshop editing :P

fish fish : who else lagi that anon ! thanks for your comment on the firework pictures. i am glad that the summer will be over soon. time really flies so quickly this semester.

ailing : i guess you are right. anon is so popular !

acrix : we did bump into three girls on the way down the hiking trail. it was very dark.

melissa : yes. now every time when i wanted to take some good decent pictures at night, i will bring along my tripod. dress like a samurai (plus a tom cruise mask) and have free dinner ... hehehe.