Sunday, August 28, 2005

Buddha In The Forest

In Buddhism, Buddha literally means the Awakened One or the Enlightened One. Generally, buddhist do not consider Gautama Buddha, commonly known as Shakyamuni, to have been their first and last Buddha. According to the religion, Gautama Buddha is just a member of a spiritual lineage of Supreme Buddhas. The next Buddha-to-be is named Maitreya (also known as the Laughing Buddha). According to the scriptures, at present, Maitreya (as a bodhisattva) is preaching in the Tusita Heaven.

More information, click here : Gautama Buddha
A Buddha statue in the forest. Well, I am not an artist. I just like to paint when I have mood to paint. My particular weakness - I always end up painting layer upon layer and the colors turned out too striking, ending up the picture being a little too cartoon !
I like to draw and paint the nature. I suck and a little rigid in drawing human and animal objects. I have to seriously learn how to draw a face (for some good reasons). Well, the third picture of a completed drawing - just for my own keeping (yea, I know, it is weird to have lotuses in the forest !!).


Lee Ai Ling said...

Nice painting.

Eddie said...

is the drawing done? or u still need to paint the face of the Buddha?

Patrick Leong said...

the drawing is done but is now kept inside the drawer. i know i will spoil the picture after painting the face. and i actually did (sigh). the buddha definitely deserve a more beautiful one.

arGlene said...

wow, are these the results? gee, they are lovely. I like the hues of blue in the forest. and nice touches too!

I envy you for having the knack to paint and to draw... he he

How I wish I could too...

emotionalistic said...

Nice...very nice. How i wish i can paint like you. I sucks in painting :(.

Patrick Leong said...

it is a nice hobby. yea, i am glad that i can paint abit. my mum sent me to art school when i was four. on and off, i took lessons till i was 15.