Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Notes and Coins

Too important to ignore. Money is important. Money is essential. And money changes everything - good or bad. Shown here are specimen of japanese banknotes and coins (scanned from brochures obtained from Bank of Japan Otaru Museum).
New banknotes (Date of Issue : November, 2004)
10000 yen (Portrait : Yukichi Fukuzawa)
5000 yen (Portrait : Ichiyo Higuchi)
1000 yen (Portrait : Hideyo Noguchi)
10000 yen (Portrait : Yukichi Fukuzawa)
5000 yen (Portrait : Inazo Nitobe)
2000 yen (Design : Shurei-mon Gate)
1000 yen (Portrait : Soseki Natsume)
500 yen (Design : Paulownia)
100 yen (Design : Cherry Blossom)
50 yen (Design : Chrysanthemum)
10 yen (Design : Hoo-do Temple)
5 yen (Design : Rice)
1 yen (Young Tree)

Check site : Security Features of the New Bank of Japan Notes

Can one quit his / her job and travel and make money ?


zbjernak said...

i have the natsume 100 yen....

travel and make money..why not?

zbjernak said...

sorry.... have not finished yet...

u can work and travel..
where u reach..then u cna find job there...dishwasher...waiter...etc
then gather enough money move to a nomad...
why not?

but then again...i think european is easier...
their skin colour and hair...make them "more acceptable" everywhere they go...

Melissa said...

I travel and make money! JET Programme baby, all the way! Thats how I fund my Japan-land adventure!

Theres always a job that needs to be done, and as long as you're not too prideful and are determined to travel, you can do it until you have enough $$ to move on to your new destination. When I leave Japan, its gonna be a nomad life for me!

I dont know how much help European looks would be in the Middle East, North Korea,or Cuba though....

Anonymous said...

Sure you can.....the question is how much? Whether you are willing to live with just enough (slightly more thn enough) and enjoy the rich experiences gathered from travelling or stay at one place and be rich in money. And then go travel when you are retired. Hey, I want those travel writers job or photographers or anyone who gets to travel and all expenses are paid for!!!

Eddie said...

Patrick, it will be educational if u can post some articles on the those great people on the potrait.

I find Malaysia notes boring and "show off".. what is there to be proud of ?
Twin Tower constructed by Japs and Korean, KLIA by Japs architect, the inefficient train....yet we proudly print it on the notes!!

Still prefer the old notes with picture of mosque and musuem.

Eddie said...

Patrick,on the 10 yen coin, it is Byodoin Temple (in Uji), not Hoo-do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Leong said...

just a brief introduction.

Yukichi Fukuzawa (1835 - 1901) is the founder of Keio University (one of japan's most prestigious universities). a political theorist that has made lasting impression on a rapidly changing japan during the meiji era.

Ichiyo Higuchi (1872 - 1896) is the first woman to be depicted on japanese currency note, a novelist and poet. despite her short career and short life, she is remembered for her works and contribution in modern japanese literature.

Hideyo Noguchi (1876 - 1928) is an internationally renowned bacteriologist who discovered the agent of syphilis disease in 1911.

Inazo Nitobe (1862 - 1933) is a famous japanese agriculturist.

Soseki Natsume (1867 - 1916) is a famous novel writer during the meiji period.

zbjernak : i hope with a postgraduate degree, i have unlimited opportunities to work and travel. and the very real need to earn money (as age is catching up) is really freaking me out and at times i questioned myself as why i am still studying ?!?

melissa : i think the JET teaching programs are native speaker-oriented. we (asians) can hardly find job as a part time english teacher in japan because we aren't native speaker. i am sure there are similar programs as well in korea and china.

ailing : i want to be rich in experience and rich in fixed and also current assets. :P

eddie : the famous building of the byodoin temple is called hoodo (phoenix hall). perhaps i should have just written hoodo.

Melissa said...

Patrick! Everyone thinks that you have to be a native speaker for JET, but its not true! Actually I know quite a few JETS from Thailand and India, some from Greece, Russia, Germany and Korea. Ofcourse people from all over Europe, non-native speakers included. Some JETS teach their native language as well!

Patrick Leong said...

melissa : i have no talent in teaching language. two years back during lesson, i asked one young student for an eraser. it was a little embarassing when i mistakenly said 消しごみ (?!?) instead of 消しゴム ... and the students started laughing.

Anonymous said...

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