Sunday, January 09, 2005

Myouko Suginohara Highlands, Niigata

Myouko Mountain is located at the southern border of Niigata Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. Here goes the story of my first ski trip.

There was alot of snow on the first day. It was a very classic view.

I was very nervous but excited. I mean I have never skied in my life till then. And there are only two seasons in Malaysia - the hot and the rainy season.

We gathered for a group photo before heading down the first slope. Chih Fung was my ski instructor.

Up we went to the beginner course. Adjusting our ski gear, like baby crabs learning to crawl sideways.

Alex Goh from Tokyo, many thought it was me in the picture.

Alot of snow and it was very cold, but VERY nice.

Second day, we were all ready for the GONDOLA !

Sharoh, Siew Ping, Hui Min and Chor Wai.
On top of the world !

Group photo. Some risked their lives (nah...they were pro) and went down the slopes. I took the lift. Coward I know.

Me ! (Patrick Leong)

This is KK (Kok King)

Myouko Suginohara Highlands, Niigata.

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